Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Vacation in Spain

My husband has visited so many countries in the past twenty years, with many of them being repeat visits.  His career in the United States Navy provided him the opportunity to visit a multitude of destinations that would be the envy of even the most avid traveler.  As for myself, I've been less fortunate, and have only been able to accompany him to a couple of foreign destinations.  Even though the number has been few, I really had a great time abroad and enjoyed the cultural experiences.

He finds it odd that he has bounced all over the globe but has yet to visit Europe, which is the reason that we chose it for our next overseas adventure.  I'd love to travel across Europe, spending some quality time in each of the countries, with Spain being the starting point.  We've seen Spain on the travel channel and it looks absolutely amazing.  The history, the art, and the food all look incredibly appealing and it should make for a very memorable vacation.

Any time we take a trip, regardless of distance, we always make it a point to plan things well in advance to the best of our abilities. 


  1. maypa si hubby.. hahah.. uban ko Rose.. lol... bisaya naman ni oi.. Thanks for the visit... all the best ...

  2. samo mo ako sis ha....just let us know...ehehhee...we would like to go with you guys...ehehehe!

  3. Yes, it's great to have a grand vacation to Spain and be able to rent those grand villas there. It will be one great vacation experience that can top all vacation experiences. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.


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