Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Home Away Traveling

One of the favorite site/blog that I love to visit is the blog  from a blogger friend from Cyprus.  He features bloggers from around the world and showcase their beautiful places such as Greece, Turkey, Slovakia, and many others.  I love visiting his blog because it is like I am traveling the world without leaving my home.

Not only that he features places, he also give suggestions to which cyprus villas and other accommodation are good  based on his travel experiences. To be able to see  these places through photos is an amazing  feeling how much more if you could really travel and see these beautiful places for real.  

I guess most of us are  dreaming of traveling the world, am I right?  That is one of my biggest dream, to be able to travel the world and  see  God's  beautiful creation. Who knows I might get lucky and do that in the near future hahaha.  hat would be a lifetime experience!

Anyhow, if you are planning to  have a vacation in Turkey this holiday, check out the villas in Turkey at Home Away website.  They have a long list of  accommodations and other stuff on their site so if you need some help in planning your getaway, just check them out.

I have only seen turkey through photos in blog and in TV.  I used to watch this local show being hosted by a local TV network when I was still in my country and one of the places  they featured is  Turkey.  One of the actresses in my country got married to a Turkish national  and she  showed  the place where  they love to go and some of the traditions that she learned in living there.  Too bad their marriage  did not last very long.

It's snowing here right now and the wind is blowing so hard, so my mind is thinking something else like staying in one of these luxurious villa with panoramic view.  
Panoramic views from the terrace


  1. bongga nang place...love it! sama mo ko sis if ever punta ka don...ehehehe!

  2. So relaxing to the eyes. hehehe. I love it too. Kapal nang snow namin dito sis.


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