Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snowy Rubies

 I took these photos during the first shower of snow over here.  The weather channel said that we will have 2-6 inches today but I doubt it because  it stop  snowing already and I am  glad about it.
 I hope that we won't get  snow storm this year.  last year was scary to me.
I wonder what happen to our birds.  I hope they found a good shelter for them.


  1. That snowstorm last year was enough grrrrr lol

  2. I would love to make a beautiful centerpiece out of this berries. Kaya lang don't have it ^_^ Thanks for the visit!
    Fried rice

  3. Yes, your flowers look like frozen rubies sparkling in the reflection of the sun. Hope your winter will not turn as extreme as last year. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  4. Amazing ruby!! Thanks for your visit. Have a good day.

  5. lovely red flowers, made even more beautiful against the snow.

  6. Very artistic piece of art made by God and You.
    Enjoy the snow and feed the birds with lots of fat and nuts.

  7. Looks like snow is coming here too, but just a touch this time.

  8. So pretty. Your berries look like jewels crowned with pearls. Snow creates the most amazing accents. And I wouldn't worry about the birdies. They know where the heat is and they headed south. Your house will be occupied again, for sure, next year.

  9. Very ruby and very nice is that a tree or a flower well i guess its a tree lol

  10. It is beautiful mommy Rose. The thing I don't like is an ice storm which is very scary. I think it was last year during the Christmas when we had a blizzard. Take care you guys and keep warm.

    Adin B

  11. ang ganda naman sis. parang professional photographer ang kumuha. :)

  12. so gorgeous! awesome shots sis...:)

    nakikiraa lang dito...trying to catch up...malayo pa byahe ko eh...ehehe....sige mwah...miss yah!

  13. Hi Rose, got your comment today. Have some troubles in my HCM blog lately, can't see the numbers so I Hubbz to the rescue and he will give me the code in his lunch break. Will be announcing the winners today. Xoxo Lovely ruby reds here. Haven't joined any Memes yet but will catch up on those next week. will not miss Nostalgia this week.


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