Friday, December 10, 2010

Tree's Anatomy

Do you see what I see?  Two horns, two ears, a head, two arms and a body.  do you see it?

My daughter and I saw this pine tree at the neighborhood where we went for a walk.

Creepy but pretty isn't it?


  1. It looks like a dog -reindeer bading hehehe

  2. Oo nga ano. Baka naman may kapre diyang nakatira, hehehe, lol. Kidding aside, very unnatural nga yng hugis nang punong iyan. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  3. The tree needs to be trimmed ;)

  4. this tree looks like a monster to me..hahaha

  5. What I see Ate is a lady wearing an old long gown with no head. Yong usong damit ba noong unang panahon n fit parang damit ni Ms. Kurdapya, kulay puti na makintab na my raffles sa harap.

  6. Yay its creepy pero napa ka artistic ng gumawa nito

  7. nyay! kakatakot naman yan Rose pag biglang lumakad nyahahaha...tatakbo akong di lumilingon hahaha...pero infairness, sexy yong tree hahaha

  8. It's a spooky tree! hehehe, Hi Rose, salamat sa pag-bisita sa blogs ko ha. I owe you a lot on that. Been tired a couple of days ago and now that I am finally out of the paper route job, I can finally sleep and concentrate blogging. Will see you around. Xoxo

  9. wwaaaa, as clear as what you see in the tree.. baka kaya living tree yan hihi..

  10. agree ko kay tsang...para syang dog na na deer...nyahahha...ganda naman nito...iba talaga tong imagination mo sis.


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