Friday, December 17, 2010

Ice and Water

Cups of water that hubby and I had when we flew down to Mary land in picking up our car.  Continental served water as beverage during the flight.
How do you view the content?  Do you always see it as half full or half empty?

Thanks for dropping by folks.  We will be at my FIl's home today and I will babysit Sophie again for a couple of hours while we're there.


  1. you're making me thirsty.

    happy holidays.

  2. Half-full 9 out of 10 times ;-)

  3. Ganda ng glass. (or is it a plastic tumbler?) It would be better to look at it as half full.
    Kauhaw ang iced water!

  4. ang ganda nang effect....nauuhaw tuloy ako..ehhehe!

  5. hhmmm riddle!! inuman nlng kaya tayo para maging empty at wala ng half full diyan lol

  6. hahahaa!sali ako lol!hoist!tagay ko lol!

    re:whatever it is in the package,I'm sure magugustuhan namin!Thanks a lot in advance,Ate Rose.Nalokah ako sa system ng postoffice dito--pag lagpas ng 500gms ang padala sa US,naka seafreight(T_T)Will be sending ours soon para tama sa birthday mo ang dating.I'll include something for the kids,too^_^Luv yah!

  7. nagfly-fly pala ang lolah mo kaya nagbakasyon sa blogworld. hehehe.

  8. You are always a great in law Rose for always baby sitting your niece in law. Just imagine the amount saved by your in laws in baby sitting fees. God bless you more for that. Your kids can surely help you in your baby sitting chore. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.


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