Friday, December 10, 2010

Mommy & Me Monday # 1

Hello everyne, how is your Monday kicking off? Ours is a little bit busy (as always lol). I just got done cooking three dishes and the kids are now playing in the pool outside. So now, I have time to blog for a while until they are done swimming and then we'll eat lunch.

I found this new meme though Mamilu's blog so I want to try it. It's a pretty good avenue to meet other Mommies in the Universe.

Above photo was taken yesterday at Marland Heights Memorial Park. Below is my daugter and I's bonding moment during my birthday last week. Thanks to all who greeted me through facebook, emailed, posted greetings on their blogs, and sent me cards!
Note:  Reposted


  1. Happy Birthday! So glad you are joining up this week!

  2. this is really a good meme for us Mommies! glad you joined us! dyan nalang ako kain sa inyo kasi you are done cooking already! lol

  3. Great huggy pictures with your kiddos. Happy Birthday!

  4. Good to know you spent your Birthday celebration with your loved ones :)

  5. great photos of you with you litttle prince and princess...

    by the way, grabbed your badge here to my scrap collection

  6. You always have great bonding moments with both Rylie and EJ. They would not probably trade those golden moments for anything else in this world. It's good for you to join new memes to know more mommies in the blog world. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  7. Pareho tayo bading i didn't even bloghop sa ibang mga ka berks, ngayon lng naka pag update. Hirap magpapicture na kayong tatlo ano hehe

  8. Hello Rose, I am glad I found the Mommy & Me Monday through you...

    Just posted my first entry here

  9. very nice and lovely photos of your cutie and adorable kids! its so nice to see a mommy and kids photos together.

  10. awwwww.....sweet ng mga pics....would like to join next week...ehehehe!

    sensya na sis ngayon lang ulit nakabalik....hina kasi tong connection dito...tagal mag load....mahina pa sa pagong...ahhahaha....punta muna ako sa ibang blogs mo....:)

  11. How cute! What adorable pics!


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