Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Aside from garland and balls, some of our Christmas tree ornaments are old and sentimental. The two sailor theme below are the simple gifts I gave to my husband two years ago when he was still in active duty.
 Hubby got the one below when he was ten years old.  
 Below is the Family  snowmen that my sister-in-law Chris gave us a couple  years ago when we had our first Christmas tree.
 I started buying  two ornaments for each of our  burritos every year and wrote the year at the back or front so they'll remember.
 Below is the first one that EJ got on his first Christmas  with us.
 Over time, the kids had collected  Christmas stuffed toys from friends and family.  Some of them are  musical and some aren't.  
 Since the kids helped me in decorating, they insisted to  put them on display too.
 The Santa is a plastic one with light bulb inside, Dad gave this to EJ.  My husband said that  it was his santa since he was a kid.  The gift boxes were made by my sister in law, she gave it to me during my first Christmas here in the States with pretty  Christmas tree ornaments in it.
 Below are some ornaments that my daughter made in school.  The head of the Rudolph is made of light bulb that they painted.
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  1. They are priceless! You should keep them, Rose :)

    Thanks for dropping by...

  2. Outstanding photo set. Happy holidays to you and yours.

  3. they are so memorable and priceless. happy RT and have a good week!

  4. Gorgeous ornaments you got there!

  5. they're pretty ornaments especially the sailor-themed. i don't have a tree, too lazy to put up one.:p

    i've been working with Christmas ornaments the whole year round, ayoko na pagdating sa bahay.:p

  6. Those are really nice Christmas tree ornaments. Naaliw ako ke hubby mo because he still has his Christmas things when he was small that he's now passing on to your children. I'm sure he's had a memorable childhood.

  7. naku Rose vintage decors after 10 years ... corek si Lina... care for them... heheh next ulit.. hope to see it....

    thanks sa laag...

  8. Lovely seroes, perfect for this meme and the season.

  9. they look heavy sis tsaka looks very cute, love the sailor bear =)

  10. ang galing naman! those are antique na! I hope I can save some of ours too!

  11. Pretty Ornaments Rose.Thanks for visiting my blog even I was away for many months hehe.Binuksan ko na uli :-)
    Merry xmas and happy new year to all of you. From all of us here.

  12. Daming ornaments dito, I like the navy bear. ako nga bading kapanahonan pa ni Joe hehehe. lahat ng ornaments namin galing sa MIL ko

  13. Mommy Rose now I understand why it has sentimental values, ganda naman talaga ang mga ornament ay ganyan. When they grow old and got married they can bring it and put it in their own Christmas tree, gush 70 or 80 na ata ako nyan hahahaha. Thanks sa bisita!
    Ruby Red Tuesday

  14. Maingat kayo sa mga gamit ninyo especially yung mga Christmas tree decors ninyo. Pati mga anak mo ay maingat at masinop din sa mga toys na regalo sa kanila especially the stuffed toys. Lahat nang mga anak ko ay burara sa mga toys nila. Pag pinagsawaan na ay basta na lang itatapon sa closet at hindi na paglalaruan ulit. Pati yung mga gamit ko ay pinakikialaman nila at hindi ko na makita kapag gagamitin ko na. Haay, buhay, hehehe, lol. Thanks for the colorful post. God bless you all always.

  15. So many personal christmas ornaments you have all with a special memory !
    Happy holidays and a Happy New Year !

  16. ang galing naman, when they get old, they will remember it as precious ornaments. yung ke JOhn, ang cute naman, imagine mga kids naman ngayon mag decorate.. tagal na non ha.


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