Sunday, January 31, 2010

She cut it short!

I mean to post this last week but I always forgot. I caught my daughter playing with our hair kit at the bedroom and I told her not to mess with it. I did not notice that she already cut her bangs, I just saw it when I gave her a bath. My golly, she cut it so short! Good thing, she did not cut all of it, I mean there are still long ones left. Look at that ornery little princess lol.

For my shadow shot Sunday, I am sharing these two shots that I took yesterday. Whenever our daughter wakes up in the morning, she always change her sleep wear and wear her princess outfits. The funny thing is she will present her outfit without combing her hair. Look how messy her hair is.

Have a happy weekend guys.


  1. her smile always remind me of you. she got a superficial resemblance with your eyes, haha.. its ok, it will grow soon.. she's just trying to see what it looks like to have bangs like you. she's still pretty!

  2. naku buti nga hindi nya nagupit lahat. hihi. lahat ata ng mga little girls dumadaan talaga sa ganyan. ako din daw dati ginupit ko un buhok ko sabi ni mama. haha!

  3. So excited to check mum's stuffs, kasi eh?

    Just let it be, it'll grow fast. Having lil girlies sometimes exhausting as they tend to imitate their mom's & adults.

    Awesome captured of her shadow in the last shot. Job well done.

    Looks you've got a sunny day, overthere.

    Cheers for the happy SS...

  4. What cute shadow shots!! She is soooo cute! Hope you both have a great weekend!


  5. ha! Nothing like sissors to tempt those little princesses! Good thing hair grows :) Happy SSS!

  6. Oh my golly! cute pa rin kahit liit ng bangs, si Rylie gusto siguro gayahin bangs ni mommy. hehehe

  7. That's so cute that your daughter puts on her princess clothes in the morning.


    Enjoy while your children are little! They grow!

  8. Her hair is beautiful at any length. I don't think that it is really short, obviously Mom and daughter might disagree. Our daughter in college, she always resisted when we suggested that she get it cut - back then. Now she gets it cut routinely and always in a cute cut. Rylie has made her own mind up about that. But her cut is nice!

  9. Oh, even with her bangs cut, she is so pretty! My oldest daughter cut her bangs very short as a young child and then she cut her very long hair short when she was 6. Guess what... she grew up to become a beautician!

    So nice visiting with you!

    Kindly, ldh

  10. Wonderful shots, very cute kid.

  11. What a beautiful smile of Rylie! She looks good on her princess outfit. Dorothy likes to cut her hair too even this time. The last time was late last year...hehehe

  12. Ha ha! Your little girl must be my kindred spirit...I did away with my bangs & the sides of my hair as a 4 year old back in 1954!! I remember my family laughing at me saying I looked like George Wahington. Ooooo how sad! At least your little princess only took a small chunk out of her bangs.Thank goodness hair will grow back!
    Cute shadow shots.

  13. Fantastic shadow pics, you brought a huge smile to my face.

    All the best
    Regina In Pictures

  14. Ang cute naman ni Rylie kahit walang suklay maganda pa din. Bagay na bagay sa kanya ang dress nya. *giggles*

  15. OMG! ganyan din sa Wrozlie last September, ni post ko rin ang itsura nya after nyang gupitin ang kanyang bangs, muntik akong mag collapse, hehehe. Lam mo, si Rylie mo at si Wrozlie ko, parang kambal na pinaghiwalay ng panahon, kasi paggising din ni Wrozlie, magbibihis na yan at magsusuot na ng Cinderella outfit nya. Tinago ko na nga at sawang sawa na ako kaka hubad suot hehehe.. Have a great weekend to all.

  16. Kids will always want to experiment and play with things. That she actually cut off part of her hair was nothing unusual. Rylie is at the stage where she dreams a lot fed by cartoon shows she sees on TV and read on her children's books. That she loves to playact the role of a princess is very natural and her not combing her hair after changing to her princess costume is brought about by her carefree and nonchalant child's ways. She will grow up to be a wonderful and beautiful girl. Thanks for the homey post. God bless you all always.

  17. I think EVERY little girl cuts her bangs at least once. :) Very cute.

  18. A princess needs to dress like a princess all day long! :) Cute SS!


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