Friday, January 22, 2010

Their New Favorites

The theme for this week's Mommy Moments is "New Favorites". Here are some of our kiddos new faves. Their new favorite playmates and friends are Christopher and Hailey!
EJ's new favorite toy to play with is the gift that his Pap gave him, the train set.
This is Rylie's favorite spot in doing her arts. This was made and given to her by Tita Chris.
mommy moments
Have a great weekend everyone. I won't be able to visit you today but promise to visit back as soon as we get back from Maryland. We need to pick up our vehicle their so hubby and I are flying tomorrow morning down to Baltimore and drive the car back home.


  1. The last picture is my favorite, such a nice drawing! Have a safe trip back :)

  2. base! nice art table. ang galing gumawa ni chris ng kahit na ano at mahal na mahal nya mga kids nyo. bait ng sister-in-law mo, tokaya.

  3. Mabuti naman at maraming playmates si Rylie at EJ. Maganda rin yung favorite toy train ni EJ at yung favorite spot ni Rylie pag nagdodrawing o nagko color siya. Mukhang budding artist na itong si Rylie, lol. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  4. EJ seems to be very tidy with his toys. Cj is very kalat. I love Rylie's artsy hand :)

  5. Nice train set mommy Rose and how cute naman nung favorite art spot ni Rylie.
    Happy weekend sis :D

  6. Daming toys ni EJ, i like the helicopter pwedi ba yan masakyan pauwi ng bundok bading? hehe... I like Rylie's spot, she really maintains her spot clean and organize.

  7. hello sis, ang bilis, friday na ulit..:D

    alrights! the kids have new playmates now! what a nice arts spot for rylie.
    at last! how far is maryland from your place. I just remember my cousin when you mentioned it in this in post.

  8. I'm sure your kids enjoy playing with their new friends. Nice toys for EJ and art hub for Rylie.
    Happy Mommy Moments!

    You can visit me here

  9. Nice gifts your kiddos have Mare. Ingat kayo sa biyahe. God Bless!

  10. That's a nice-lookiing train set. Wait 'til my son sees that. I'm sure he'll want one for himself, too. LOL! Rylie's art nook is also cute and cozy.

  11. di pala ako base? kanina kase wla pang comment. mas mabilis magsend sa akin si Judy. ehehe! meron akong tag sa yo tokaya sa topics on earth.

    have a great weekend!

  12. Whoa! Nice collection of toy cars :)

  13. Wow! I loved the art place. And since it was made and given by someone close, it makes it even more special. Saktong sakto sa corner. I think pag nagkaron kame ng baby boy eh magkakalat din ang mga train sets at cars sa bahay.. hehe.. have a safe trip to Maryland, Mommy Rose!

  14. So many cars, no wonder favorite yan i play ni EJ, Roan loves cars too, but he doesn't like the putting away moment, grrr..

    I love Rylie's new bench work place, ang cute..

  15. What great pics- the last one is my favorite too! Hope you have a great weekend & a safe trip back!

    Many thanks for passing on my message to Coralie. I still can't access her site & Blogger haven't helped either!Very strange as so many other commenters don't seem to have this difficulty. But this happens so frequently with Blogger (being blocked from certain sites) that I'm seriously thinking of changing to Wordpress which seems more stabile & reliable.

    I know it's a huge favor but I'd be really grateful if you could once again pass on this message to Coralie -I'd really love to leave comments on her blog but until this problem is resolved can only read her lovely posts as a "visitor"!

    I'm so grateful to you for all yr help & am also yr newest follower!

    Do hope the birthday celebrations went well!


  16. ang galing naman girl talgang hilig niya ang art ha? nice hehehhee anyway heres mine thanks

  17. i love the idea of having a dedicated space for our kids' crafts. Mukhang magiging artist ang Rylie mo mommy rose :)

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend and Happy MM. Mine is up too, check it here

  18. What a cute slide show, those butterflies are so cute. It looks like your son received quite the train set. My family enjoys train rides and model trains.
    I hope your trip went well, with no problems.
    Thanks for visiting and your sweet comments

  19. its great that your kids have adjusted already to your life there in the states and have found new friends...

    have a safe trip in Maryland!

  20. nakuuu, those trains and cars are heaven sight for my baby boy!

    at ang cute ng art corner nyo Mommy :)


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