Sunday, January 31, 2010


When IZEA first announced the changes that former PPP will have, I was like "Cool". It said that you can write just about anything as long as it is related to the links given, it will be alright but lately I keep receiving rejection on my post saying that it should be related to the website or products from that website. I thought for sure at first that it doesn't need to be a form of review, how come it still asking for one. It's the same person that keeps rejecting my posts so I am not sure if its personal or what. Does my post being read or I get the auto rejection messages everytime this person sees my posts?

Say for instance I wrote an article about a "Romantic Road Trip" and I included the Dallas limo ride in it and it was rejected due to reason of unrelated stuff.

Or I wrote an article about shopping because the link is about a coupon and it was rejected due to a reason of copying content from the website. It is frustrating because the article I wrote is a personal one and I never copied anything from anywhere. What got me spun up is the fact that the message of rejection includes a " suspension" of my account if the content is still there. Again, I never copied anything.

I am happy to be a member of IZEA for quite a long time now and I am thankful about it. It is just frustrating that things like this happen. I submitted a ticket about it but until now I haven't had any response yet.

On the lighter note, I love how PPPv4 is going. It is much better than InPostLink I think.

I am thinking of deleting my accounts to IPL if this problem persists in the future posts.


  1. Hi rose, pareho tayo. ako di na rin kumuha nang mga opps sa inposlinks kasi lagi na lang reject kaya buti pa wala na lang. di na rin ako nag check duon. bitaw, can please add my link here

    Thanks pala sa mga comments mo. tc :-)

  2. Hi sis. we have the same problem. hay naku I got two or three rejections na yata. ganun din sabi copying content daw. sinulatan ko sabi ko how come na di original yung content eh personal experience ko yun. nakakatawa. the letters of rejection were all signed by a certain BRENDON. siguro may nakapareho lang word nung tsineck nila content tas sasabihin di original. kung tutuusin barya lang bayad nila unlike sa PPPV4. by the way, natry mo na magcashout sa PPPV4? curious lang ako kung talagang efficiet silang magbayad eh.

  3. i have a concern like Yami, about PPP cash out, na try mo na? parang ang dami fill-up an pa para ma-cash out.. di ba pwedeng paypal kaya.. ang mahirap pa sa kanila, kelangan $50 muna para makapagcash out, yung IPL, ok na sana kasi kahit $1, di mahirap process ng payment yun nga lang, parang review na din kelangan nila at di link lang..

  4. since the day hey changed the ppp to inpostlinks, I never grab opps from them, bukod sa mura na...ang haba pa ng requirement nila 200 words or even 150 is too much for 2bucks!

  5. hay naku mami rose matagal ko nang inisnab ang IPL... biruin mo naman 200 words for $2 ano sila hilo!!!! sa kanila na yon sayang oras ko sa kanila

    mas maganda sa v4 kasi yong advertiser magapprove pero just the same yong mga barat iniisnab ko no... sayang ang talent ko sa kanila heheheh

  6. It must be a personal thing Rose. It may be that the same person keeps om rejecting your post whom you may have inadvertently offended. You may probably write an email to this person inquiring about his gripe or you can write an email to IZEA about your personal problem with this guy. It is very insulting indeed to be accused of copying your post elsewhere when it was your personal post that nobody else have any knowledge of. I hope your problem will be solved immediately so that you can resume earning a little shopping money on the side. Thanks for the relevant post. God bless you all always.

  7. Sorry to hear all these bading, yeah its frustrating and stressing. Hope ma cocorect nato ng Izea fifol and find time to read your post instead of sending annoying responce. take care bading, keep your cool.

  8. So implosive ka pala. delikado si Brenon sau hehe mabuti wala siya dito sa Pinas err US based din sila diba naku lagot! hehe

    explosive naman ako parang bomb pag nadiffuse wala na, parang walang nangyari.

    katakot ang implosive hehe

  9. Hay, that's sad to hear naman Marce. I hope magiging ok din yan. hugs!

  10. Ganyan na pala ang nangyayari sa mga paid posts . Ako nga yung sa SS ko, ready na raw for cash out, eh ayaw naman at need na 50 dollars? susmita, nasayang lang ang effort ko sa 3 post na ginawa ko, kaso 17.50 lang ang amount, Tapos, di na ako uli binigyan ng opps. kakainis!


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