Sunday, January 31, 2010


If you will visit my house and stay at our living room for a while, you will notice how much photos we have on display at our entertainment center. At the bottom shelf, you will see a stock of photo albums that I personally arranged. I added some scrap booking style on my children's photo. Scrap booking is one hobby that I really want to learn, I still have to learn a lot of stuff about it.

I found an online store that sells discount scrapbook supplies and I a enjoying the prices they have for every product. Scrap booking is also one good way of bonding with your kids. My daughter likes arts and crafts so whenever I am arranging photos, she always lend her hands to help me. offers a different varieties of scrap booking materials. You can shop by category such as alphabets and letters, albums and letters, embossing materials, embellishments, eyelets and brads, markers, and many others.

You can also shop by brands which includes the top brands like American Crafts, Bazilla Basics Paper, Banger, Clue Arts, Zutter Innovative Products, ScrapCessories, and more. So if you are like me who like making scrap books with your family's precious moments, come visit this online store because they have everything you need.

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