Friday, January 22, 2010

Reward... My favorite spot.. etc..

The theme for this week's "With Love Wednesday" is My favorite spot in the house. You can find me here every time I am free from my chores. That's the other part of our living room where we put the computer. In this corner, I can peek the beautify of the world through browsing blogs and other online websites. I can communicate, express my feelings, and jot down my thoughts in here.
With Love Wednesday
This is how obvious how much credit we had last year. But the good thing is that even if we paid some interest for it, it helped us acquire what we needed in establishing our home so I don't have regrets. A plus is the points that we earned and redeemed for rewards like this one. This set of grilling gadgets arrived last week and my husband said "I am getting spoiled with those rewards."
Now we uses one credit card for our purchases but we pay it off before its due. It is one way of accumulating points which you can later redeem for some great rewards.
Having a credit card is not bad as long as you know how to responsibly use it.


  1. wow! heheheh...congrats..ready for summer..grill time:)

    musta kana dyan sis:) godbless!

  2. Ang ganda ng grilling set. kelan ba ang grilling party??? hehehehe, Anyways, Congrats, Rose!

  3. Great job bading, galing mo talaga. sa my points din ba yan na rewards you are talking about?

  4. Yap,basta't marunong kang mag handle.Si Yochan palaging may cash back pag card ang bayad sa gasolina.

  5. Kailangan din naman natin talaga ang credit card basta responsable lang ang paggamit natin nito. Na merong reward sa paggamit nito ay parang icing on the cake na. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  6. That's true Manang, hindi nmn talaga masama bumili through credit card though the interest is high kasi may points 'yon after all, you will receive it in return. 'Yon pinakaimportante lang ang responsibility sa pagbayad, and if one can pay for it, go as long as he/she/they want! go go go! :-)

    Cacai M.'s Place
    Cacai's Steps and Journey

  7. my secondary fave spot in our house is also in front of the computer hehe :D thanks for joining Rose!

    A Time To Weep and A Time To Laugh

  8. love the looks of your favorite spot and all the red and you are right as long as you use the credit card responsibly it is great

  9. Ang sexy ni Mare. :D Fabulous photo. Ganyan din ako my favorite spot after finishing my house chores for the day is sitting in front of my computer.

  10. drop ako dito sandali bading tomorrow nalng ako mag bloghop hindi na kaya ng powers.


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