Thursday, January 21, 2010

Needs an Eye Exam

My paternal side of the family has a cataract problem. I don't know if this is genetics or what but most of them has it. My grand mother had a severe eye cataract problem, then my father had it too, and some of my aunts has it now. The sad thing is that no one bothers to have it checked. I think if there's a place like Utah cataract over there, they might have a chance to have it corrected or treated. Either that, they just don't have the finances for it.

Speaking of which, my sister texted me the other week and told me that my mother has to go to an eye doctor because she is always having a headache and the the doctor suggested for her to visit an eye doctor. So my sister will accompany her this week. I am hoping that it would help her eliminate the constant headache she is having. It is so hard when you are far from home because you want to be with them when they need you but you can't.


  1. Same din tayo Mare...ako and my kiddos wear eye glasses. I hope your mother's eyes will get treated. hugs! God Bless!

  2. My Mom had cataracts removed from both her eyes at 80 yrs. young. She wore glasses since she was 8 years old and came out of the surgery amazed that she could see without them. She only needs them now to read. So amazing what can happen in the medical world these days. I pray your Mother can have her eyes corrected also...she will be so happy.
    Blessings Be Yours


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