Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Music as Form of Bonding in Siblings

If you  have read my previous post on my blog, you would know that both of my kids are music lovers.  They might  not be as talented as the other kids who are gifted with golden voice but   they certainly  has  love for music. My husband  was a former member of a band and he played a bass so we are wondering if our son would  have that interest too.  Maybe one day, he would be able to use a  a guitar  or incorporate akai professional mpk mini in his music.  It would be real nice to see him jam with music someday.  Music is one common thing that my kids has, it is a very good form of bonding for them.


  1. such talented kids you have, rose. you are one lucky mom.

  2. i always enjoy looking at your kids Rose, they are sweet, and wow, they look like a two member band there in the pic

  3. Very nice bonding moments for your kids and I'm sure you serve as their willing audience always.


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