Friday, August 23, 2013

The Bass player in our family

We were looking through our family photo albums the other day and came across a few old photos of my husband's rock band back in the 80s.  They were your typical four member garage band with big hair.  My husband was a bass player for only a few years before he enlisted in the military.  While he encourages our kids to give music a try, he has no intention of ever playing again.  Too bad, I would have enjoyed seeing him play.  Below is an old photo of him and his band members with the name of their band.


  1. oh that's wonderful, i didn't know you have a musician in the family.

  2. What fun memories! And now you get to pass on the love of music to your kiddos!

  3. That is so cool. I love retro.:)

  4. I think looking back old photos is too fun to do once in awhile!

  5. your kids got their music talents from their dad...that is awesome.

  6. Awww! No wonder Sis Rose your kids have talents too because of their Daddy :-) I love old photos and what a unique name of a band :-)

  7. That's cool. I hope he plays again, if only for you, sis. It would be great to see father and kids perform.

  8. awesome! that is a cool looking hair back then...hehehhe! I love the name of their 80 and retro!


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