Thursday, August 1, 2013

Curpus Christi, Texas

Some snapshots on the road while we were driving   towards Curpus Christi, Texas  to see the famous USS Lexington.  

As we were approaching the beach, 
the kids were  so excited.  
They couldn't wait to see the vast ocean,
 to feel the sand in their feet, 
and soak their body in the water.

Coming from a mountainous region of West Virginia,  seeing the ocean is one  unforgettable experience for my kids!
A trip isn't complete without a family  photo, so here we go.  Photo taken by our friend in front of the USS Lexington, thanks sis Dhemz!


  1. i've been in Texas for 4 years now but i've never been to Corpus Christi. I'm jealous!:P

  2. Beautiful family photo. Glad your children were able to see the ocean and feel the waves hit their feet at the very least!

  3. I've never been to Corpus Christi, but love the pictures. And yes - we always get a family picture whenever we are out on adventures too!

  4. Thank you for those wonderful photos you shared. I am thankful I am not alone of this. I do love to take photos of some places while we are on the road too. Just fun to get some good memories with those right?

  5. Nice photo! We always bring a tripod with us so we know we will get family photos.

  6. You travel a lot sis, I hope we can do the same as you are. The place looks very beautiful. I hope one day I can see that place too.

  7. I always love seeing your photos from different nice places. As if I was there and enjoying my travel.

  8. This is an amazing experience for your kids! My brother in law used to work on the USS Lexington! Now he is a retired sailor!

  9. It's so wonderful how you're able to see different places together as a family! I'm hoping to be able to travel around the world with my kids and husband someday too.

  10. your pictures made me miss the beach more.:(

  11. the ship reminds me of my brother. he is a marine deck officer of a private shipping company.

  12. Lovely photos of your trip to Texas, mommy Rose. Lovely family photo as well. :) I too miss the ocean and eat some fresh fish. Hmmmm.... :) Never been to Texas before.


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