Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Steubenville Ohio - Chrysler

A couple of weeks ago, we went to the Chrysler Service Department to have our van checked.  It kept giving us a warning sign that the sliding door was not all the way closed.  So hubby scheduled an appointment for it to get checked.  
As it turned out, the chips of our car needs to be  updated  which  we need to do every so often in order to   continue using the cool features of the van.  The former owner of the van did not  do that that's why it was giving us the warning,  Anyway, I am glad that there  was nothing major  wrong about the car.  I was bumming out about that.  Gladly, the car was still under the warranty so we did not pay anything for the upgrade.

While we were there, we checked out some cars for sale, not that we plan to buy but just admire the ones that we like hehehe.

Even in the  city, these two couldn't pass an opportunity to investigate a bug they saw at the drainage.  It was a long wait so we decided to explore the parts that we only see when we drive by.  I will post more photos next time.


  1. I love the dirt bike on the 4th photo. I used to ride one when I was younger.

  2. Thank goodness nothing major that needs to be done one you vehicle mommy... that's the thing about buying something that was pre-owned though. Ours before we had the JEEP, it would stop all of a sudden, which was dangerous especially if you are in the middle of traffic. It wasn't a good vehicle for us so we had to trade. Awe! Your kids are adorable.

  3. Ahh young ones - they are very curious :)

  4. You really have beautiful children! Love that close up pic of the two. :-) Glad to know also that no major repairs where needed for your car.

  5. We love exploring while waiting on car repairs too. What fun to find a bug in a strange unexpected spot!

  6. My husband is also like that. A tiny thing amiss, he will immediately goes to the dealership.

  7. Love the genuine curiosity of children!

  8. There are so many great cars in a dealership company, just the matter on how you get one...those kids are very good, they weren't bored while waiting for the car to get fix.

  9. Great way to kill time while waiting! And best of all they don't even look bored.

  10. Glad that it wasn't a major problem. Lucky you guys, that you don't have to pay as it's still under the warranty.


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