Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wedding Cake Toppers

When making wedding arrangements, attention to detail is critical. This special moment only happens once and you want to ensure it is perfect. The little extra touches will improve the overall experience exponentially. The wedding cake, for example, is the centerpiece of the reception and always becomes one of the topics of discussion. Having the right wedding cake toppers with a perfectly designed cake adds a beautifully personalized touch to the grand occasion.


  1. Sana pag-ikakasal ako uli ganyan ang gusto kong cake topper!Next time kay F1 driver Jenson Button na!lol!

  2. i like this RB wedding cakes toppers, but i really wanna some unique wedding cakes toppers ideas, i found a site, there are some crafts guys can provide paper wedding cakes toppers, really unique but a little expensive for me.but i have found out a way to make the wedding cakes toppers myself.

  3. Thanks for sharing these...I am making a wedding cake for my niece in Aug. The toppers are adorable and I think she might like these.
    Have a great weekend


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