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The Amish Way of Life: Inside the John S. Yoder Amish Home in Sugarcreek Ohio

Driving to the countryside of Ohio, it always reminds me of my childhood.  I grew up in a farm where my father  took care of a rice farm for years before  we moved to  my   mother's place in a coastal area.  Planting and harvesting  rice was part of  my childhood and I kind of miss it.  We didn't have toys growing up but the simplicity of life really taught me  important life  lessons that I still value  till this day.  
One of   our favorite   road trips in the summer is going to an Amish place in  Sugarcreek Ohio.  I admire their simple ways of living.  There is an old John S. Yoder Amish Home in  Sugarcreek that is  really worth visiting.  They  preserved this home  and made it into  an educational  place for non-Amish  people to see.
Amish people are well-known for building beautiful furniture that are  handcrafted with detail ...  They are used to living simply without the conveniences of modern technology.
All of these photos were taken inside that old house .  The old couple that was giving the tour of the house said that this w house was transferred  there in the farm.
This  lamp light  reminds me of the   lamp that we used to use  growing up.  We didn't have electric and we only use kerosene  lamps at night.  Our lamp wasn't as fancy as those of the Amish ones though, ours was just made of an empty jar with a piece of cloth that my  parents tore up from an old shirt and that  was it.
I have no clue  what this is but  it seem like a bath tub or something they use  for bathing.  I could be wrong though.
These iron pans  are the  healthiest pans to cook food with.  I remember my grandfather used to have these kinds.
 This rocking chair was built by hand.  The old man  explained to us  how  it was  made.

These two Amish  people are the sweetest.  They were  very   happy to see the kids.
The clippings on the top photo explained how  the move of this  house was done.
The moving contractor estimated the weight of this house  as 70 tons but as it weighed  on the highway patrol scales, it was actually 92 tons.
They used tons of mud and straws when they constructed this house in 1869, that is amazing.
I admire that Amish people  not only live simply but they  also use  plain dress which  makes  all of them kind of equal in a way.
I am not sure what the machine was on top but the one in the bottom I think  is their washing machine of sort.
You can visit this Yoder home  on Fridays and Saturdays  from 12 to 5 pm.  We always go to Sugarcreek on weekend but we have only been to this house once.
See the foundation?  It's made of  mud.
My  son was pretty amazed of all the old tools  that we've seen there.  It reminds him of the tools that we've seen in the Wellsburg Museum.
This old sewing machine reminds me of the sewing maching=e that my maternal grandma used to have in her house.  This is the  type of sw=ewing machine that I learned to use in high school.  I like that kind of  of sewing machine as you get to exercise your feet when you use it as you have to pedal it to run.
I am not sure if this is a weaving tool but a similar tool like this  was used in the Philippines as well in weaving the abaca bark.
Exploring this place  was an exciting experience for me, I can relate to the simplicity of living that  Amish have.  The only difference was, I rid carabao  and they ride horses lol.
Looking at the corn field makes me want to go back home and experience my childhood once again.  Once in a while, it is nice to bring the kids to this kind of  environment to let them see the  different way of life that they have in the city.  


  1. That is amazing! I love going to places like this and experience history up close and personal. That's so cool.

  2. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to live like the Amish. It would be nice to live the simple kind of life sometimes.

  3. What an interesting glimpse into an alternative way to live. They have many positive traits that I wish society would invest in more.

  4. What a wonderful adventure! I love when we can learn things on our travels. I do love the Amish decor!

  5. I love visiting places like this that give you a peek into how other people live or lived. It really puts things into perspective.

  6. How fun to visit another culture. I'm always intrigued at the way certain cultures live. That was a beautiful corner hutch with nice dishes. I like the simplicity of this kind of lifestyle.

  7. What a love home they have. I love their way of life, very simple and quiet.

  8. There is an Amish village here that we really haven't explored yet but I would love to. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Victoria heckstallApril 4, 2017 at 9:02 AM

    A pretty quiet cool. Really love vising this kind of place. It would be pleasure to me to visit there. Love it.

  10. It is so much easier sometimes to live a simple life. Now days we rely on more and more technology. Living a simple life you don't take things for granted as much. Thanks for sharing your awesome experience.

  11. I have read a few books that have talked about the Amish way of life. I think it would be cool to experience it in person though. I love all of the photos you took. Thank you for sharing.

  12. This would be such an interesting thing to experience, being able to see all this would be beneficial too. I think kids learning about this would be fabulous.

  13. I would be very interested to visit an Amish village. I've always found their lifestyle very fascinating.

  14. I couldn't imagine cooking that way. I am more a quick simple type cooker. On another your daughter's dress!

  15. We live in Iowa and a couple of hours from us is a large Amish population. I always love when we drive through because they have the best shops and restaurants. Plus .. they're such wonderful people!

  16. I love the blue caabinets!!!! It's so pretty. Do you consider that the "china"?

  17. I watched this Amish movie with the hubs before and it was really interesting. I would love to visit this place and see everything up close.

  18. We have a lot of all these people in Maryland. Some of these items remind me of my grandmothers house and I was a kid. She had a stove like this and hand washing board for clothes.

  19. When were these pictures taken? I think I know the couple in the photos.


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