Saturday, March 4, 2017

Stock Market Is Soaring High

If you have been following the stock market, you would  know by now that is soring high ever since the election.  Hubby and I doesn't  participate in  stock market  but we have some  small investments that fluctuates  based in the performance3 of the stock market so I I watches it from time to time.  I was so excited when the DOW  finally reached 20 thousand and just 24 days  (if I am not mistaken) after it hits 20k, it is now 21 thousand.  That is  so exciting.  
I wish that I have plenty of money to invest because the  market is really doing great  these days.  I also wish that  every politician could come and work together to  address the  issues  in the government.  It's very  frustrating and disappointing to see   the division  from   the conservative and democrat party  constantly bashing each other.  I think if they would channel that energy into  solving problems, the economy would really boom and  problem will get solve rather  quickly.  

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