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Interviewing Potential Contractors For Your Home

You might be a DIY person with many projects lined up for your home, but not every task can be completed by the homeowners. Electrical, home additions and other complex jobs must be performed by the professionals. Before you hire any residential building contractors, learn how to properly interview them. Your project's success can hinge on their expertise as you discover each company's benefits and drawbacks.

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Look Up Local Reviews

There might be a dozen or more contractors in your area right now. Picking a random company isn't the best strategy so look up online reviews about the top names in the neighborhood. Be aware that there will be some negative reviews. Try to read a mixture of positive, neutral and negative reviews so that you get a good picture of the contractor. Narrow down your choices to about three or four companies.

Discuss Previous Experience and Project Types

Individually interview each contractor. Ask them about their experience in the industry along with any necessary licensing. You might ask about previous projects that include your particular needs, such as adding a second floor onto a home. Reputable contractors should have a background in your contracting needs, and these professionals may also have photos to share from the completed projects.
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Go Over an Initial Estimate

Each interview period should also include an estimate on the project. The contractor will break down all of the costs, including materials and labor. Ask any questions about the estimate, especially if some of the costs seem too high or low. Tell each contractor that you need time to read over the quotes before making a decision.

Narrow Down the Project's Timeline

Before the interview is over, ask about a rough time frame for the project's completion. Some contractors might work several jobs at one time, which creates a long project timeline. Ideally, you want a contractor to dedicate the majority of their services to your project so that it can be completed in a timely manner. High-quality work should also be part of the agreement too.

Every contracting job should have a supervisor on site during the work. If you have any questions about the current tasks, don't hesitate to ask the supervisor about the details. There might be changes that aren't being incorporated, and you'll need to point out any overlooked details. Communication on any project is welcome among homeowners and reputable contractors.

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