Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Stress Reliever

The wider social acceptance of electronic cigarettes is changing the perspectives of people who smokes in terms of the costs, cleanliness, and o the overall effect of ecigs compared to traditional cigarettes. I don't smoke and never tried it even once. I can't stand smoke from a cigarette, it suffocates me. My late father used to smoke and I strongly believe that it was one of the causes why two of my sisters suffered asthma when they were little. I don't blame him since I saw how hard he tried to ditch the smoking habit but it just embedded in his system that it was very hard for him to quit. He was so stressed out back then that smoking was one of his outlet to release the stress he was experiencing. You could imagine how much pressure my parents had raising 9 children with no stable income. It was tough growing up. 

 I only have two children but I worry about their future.  The question lingers in my mind on how me and my husband would send our kids to good school when they are in college already. Right now, we are managing to send them to private school but college is just so expensive. When you are a parent, you think of these things ahead of time. You want the best for your children as much as possible but sometimes, things does not work out that way you want it to be, hence, the stress. I am just so glad that my husband does not have this vice that other people have like problems with smoking and drinking. 

 The thing about electronic cigarette that I find appealing is the fact that it does not release smoke like that of the traditional cigarettes. It eliminates the second hand smoke danger to other people. Another thing is the cost, since you can re-use the Vaporizer pen or other tools that you used with electronic cigarettes, the over all cost is less.  I think that the cost of  traditional  cigarette keeps getting higher each  time so if you are trying to cut the cost, you might want to consider the electronic cigarette option.

How about you, what is your way of releasing stress? Do you smoke, drink, or do something else? The most effective for me in relieving stress is gardening, listening to music, and working out.


  1. Yes, each and everyone of us has a way to relieve our stressful life. For you, you found it through listening to music, gardening and workouts. These really can help in terms of uplifting your well-being. Just think that life is a continuous struggles; there's ups and downs. And accept those as part of human living. Don't push yourself to think of the future, God will find a way for you and family.

  2. I think e-cigarettes is much safer than the real thing but it would be best to avoid both.

  3. Stress..everybody doesn't like this word and so am I. My number one stress reliever is praying then music and of course eating chocolates.


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