Thursday, February 6, 2014


When I was still single, I was a workaholic lady.  I was literally married to  my office job but I liked it because it kept me busy.  My only  day off when I was still working a full time job was Sundays.  When I got married, I decided to take a break, I took   some time off from work   to give my body some rest in preparation for becoming a  mother.  Pregnancy was something that hubby and I did not attain right away.  So we decided for me to  give up my job for good so I can fully rest.  It worked, I got pregnant and we were ecstatic.

The thing is, when you  get used to being so busy all the time, you  will  miss the times when your brain is constataly working.  Having  a baby will keep you busy but I felt like  my brain was starting to rust away that time so I had to find something to do to have my brain function.  Blogging was my answered prayer, it gave me an avenue to  express my thoughts.  I have learned so much from blogging including  different companies that  could help me a better blogger and one of them is the  Writing through my blogs gives me that satisfaction that I was craving for   with those years that my brain  was idle.  


  1. That's good for you and continue the best system on your knowledge that you've learned somehow. At least, you're very determined to succeed in everything you do.

  2. I guess it's much more fulfilling now since it's your baby that's keeping you busy.


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