Thursday, February 27, 2014

Installing Pinch Pleat Drapes the Fastest Way

Some homemakers dislike the idea of decorating their windows with a pinch pleat drape. Their reason is simple; they are lazy to hang them on the rods. It will not cost you an hour when hanging the pinch pleat drapes if you know the technique. 

The time you spent in malls looking for stylish and durable curtains would not be eno
Have ample stocks of drapery hooks to fasten the curtain onto the drapery rods. Get the exact measurement of the distance where you want to put the hooks. If you wish to give the curtain a gathered look, a distance of one inch apart is ideal. 

The curtain header is made of hard sheath of layers where you clip the hooks. Lay the curtain down on the table and position the hook on top of its header. Put a marking on the distance so it will be easy for you to attach the hooks. 

Once finished, insert the hook on the marked areas. A distance from the topmost portion of the curtain should be about one to one and a half inch so the hook is not visible to your guest. A curtain ring is an option where you will attach the hook inside before clinging to the drapery rod. 

To anchor the hooks, put them on side edges of the pinch pleat drapes. Remember that there are no pleats in the side edges where you will anchor the hook to the rod. Now the hooks are ready to insert on the drapery rod or drapery rings which either case can secure the drapes while opening and closing them. 

When changing the drapes, always be careful when removing the hooks to avoid hurting your fingers. The drapes are made of heavy clothing material and washing them before they get soiled is recommended to avoid straining your neck and arms. Fold the drapes properly with their markings on so by the next time you hang them, it will be much easier for you.


  1. It's the techniques needed for this to hang the drapes. And, actually, as what you've said, marked the hooks for easy hanging.

  2. It's important to be careful in changing drapes and this tips really help.

  3. I like this kind of decoration the most! This year I'm leaving for songwriters journey but I will decorate my windows. This is like a rule for me.


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