Monday, February 3, 2014

What Employees Want From A Business Manager.

When it comes to creating a positive work environment, consideration should be taken in not only selecting the proper employees, but also making sure that the current managers can offer just as much to the workers underneath them. In case you’re wondering what employees often want in their managers, read on. Here are 4 things that are commonly desired in a business manager.

1. Communication

Having good communication skills is critical when developing a successful working relationship with staff. However, this doesn't just mean delegating tasks with detailed instructions. It also means lending an ear and being open to thoughts and ideas. Employees want to make sure that they have a voice, and are heard. Of course, this doesn't mean that management has to act on all new ideas communicated by their staff, but it’s important that these new ideas are at least acknowledged. Indeed, a simple acknowledgement goes a long way in helping workers feel a proper part of the team.

2. Being made a part of the team.

Related to the above, it’s important that workers feel part of a team, and are valued members in the business. The last thing anyone would want to feel is like an outsider, and getting everybody involved in some way will boost the overall morale of your team. It can also help improve the team’s productivity and performance. Employees appreciate feeling wanted and considered. Something as simple as asking for their feedback on a current work situation will have them feeling more involved, and will likely bring a larger appreciation and commitment to their job.

3. Potential career development.

It’s important to realize that, for most people, staying in the same job or role for the entirety of their working years is a fate worse than death. Most people are looking to learn, improve and grow throughout their careers. That’s why it’s important that managers help their employees expand their skill set and undertake new responsibilities on a regular basis. This may include personally acting as a mentor or teacher, or encouraging staff to learn on their own on platforms such as Management can create their own range of courses and training programs through this platform to help their employees learn new skills, develop management techniques themselves, as well as help them become more efficient and effective employees.

4. Identifying areas for positive growth.

Finally, it’s important that management communicate to their staff what they think can be improved upon in the workplace. Often times, employees are simply unaware of their flaws and will continue making the same mistakes again and again unless management sit down and tell them so. Sure, the conversation may be a little uncomfortable at first, but the improvements on behalf of both the employee and team will surely be worth it.
Keeping employees involved in all aspects of the business develops an appreciation for the work that they do. A lot of this involvement is going to be coming from management, and keeping an open line of communication up and down the line. Employees want a business manager that is considerate, and is not only looking out for themselves but the work team as a whole. In the same way, business managers that invest in their employees, invest in themselves and the overall efficiency of the business.


  1. Very excellent article which can give the teamwork of a group through the Manager. Fair in management and give credit to where credit is due.

  2. I think the workplace needs more leader than manager that can have visions and also be able to motivate people do their job.

  3. I like working with people who are teamplayers. It is so annoying when someone just wants his or her own way. Everything just falls apart

  4. this is very true! without teamwork after all, there will be a hard time understanding what's going on with your work :)


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