Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fastest Acting Insulin Medication

If you are a type 1 and type 2 diabetic person, you are probably  aware of the insulin medication called Humalog. Humalog is believed to be one of the fastest acting insulin medication that will work in about 15 minutes after you  inject it.  You can  buy Humalog online but beware of those  online store that sells them as they may give you the fake ones.  Based from what I read on the website, there is no  generic Humalog available.  Elli Lilly and Company are the ones that  solely manufactures or produces  this insulin medication.

Some people  are looking for ways to buy cheap Humalog online and MedSaverCard or RxBattle are some of the options where there are cheap Humalog but as what I have said above, beware  of the fake ones that they might issue you.  It must be very hard to be a diabetic because you  have to maintain the medication and  watch your sugar intake to avoid complications.

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