Friday, March 4, 2011


Even though the sun is shining today, our house is cold because we don't have a furnace running.  The plumber won't be able to  work on our gas line till tomorrow.  We are only using our portable heaters to keep us warm 
Hubby said that it is going to  go down to  14 degrees tonight, oh boy it's going to be so cold.  I am glad that we bought  mink blankets  in Korea before we came back here.  It's a big help  during winter times and  on this kind of circumstances.  
These photos were taken weeks ago when I thought that snow was over but I was wrong lol.
Keep me warm with your comments folks, thanks a lot!


  1. Malamig nga ngayon akala ko magspring na kaso winter is still hugging on.

  2. Maka survive kaya ako napakalamigin ko kasi eh .. anyway, lovely photos you have here.

  3. Yes that does look cold.... trust you are doing OK.
    Blessings, Jan

  4. Walang araw dito sa banda namin kaya ang lamig. Just keep warm!!

  5. Konting tiis lang sa lamig tutal dadating na rin naman agad ang plumber to fix your busted gas pipe. Ang importante ay hindi kayo nakaranas nang explosion because of that busted gas pipe. Just huddle together and let John hug you tighter para hindi masyadong malamig. Pwede siguro kayong magsama sama muna sa iisang bed to radiate more body warmth among yourselves. I'm sure your kids will be thrilled with that. Ingat lang palagi and do always pray so that God's protection will always envelope you all. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  6. Here's hoping you get the gas lines fixed soon Rose.
    These are lovely shots of the snow you had!
    Keep warm.

    Carletta's Captures

  7. patong patong na kumot solusyon jan. tsaka hot tea bago tulog.

    Skywatch here

  8. Cold pictures. Hope the blankets prove to be really warm.

  9. Hope it get fix soon.
    The snow are amazing. But I dread the cold as well.
    Stay warm all of you.
    Happy weekend.


  10. Hang in there, - spring is coming! Until it does hope you get your heating problems fixed, - love the thoughts of snuggling under a mink blanket!

  11. gorgeous photos mommyRose. I have a feeling nga na malamig parin jan sa inyo so here I am keeping you warm..

    my first skywatch is here ->


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