Sunday, March 20, 2011

Shadows Here and There

I busied myself clicking the camera while hubby was driving last weekend. We were invited to a birthday party at Chuck e Cheese.

Hubby asked: "What's so special  with those clicks"
I simply answered "Shadows" lol.
He blurted "Addict"


  1. hhahahha..duh! pareho talaga tayo..addict sa camera..but hey thats keen:)

  2. Hi Rose,
    It is really funny why you keep on taking photos of shadows not unless it's part of a meme. Anyway, John took a dig of your unusual hobby, hehehe. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  3. LOL addict ka nga haha.. addict tayo lahat pagdating sa cam.

    Thanks for your concern pala.. kayo nina Sir Mel thank you. As of now, parang normal na dito sa amin although syempre kapag nakakapanood ng news, nakakalambot lalo na ang dami na nagshe-share ng experiences nila sa tv.. so sad talaga. Anyway, im trying to divert myself more in blogging kaya makakabawi na ko sa inyo.. dami ko na namissed eh :( Ingat.. regards to burritos

  4. LOL....I think we're ALL addicted.

    Wonderful array of photos Rose.

    My Shadow Shot Link:
    Purple Daisy in Shadows

    Have a glorious Sunday!! Stop by to visit if you can find time. Your company is always welcomed.

  5. We're all becoming Shadow Shot Addicts! Help!!


  6. Rose, they are great. SSS is addicting isn't it? I'm always thinking about it and searching throughout the week for shadow shots too.

    Hey, I love it how your whole family blogs. You guys are busy!

  7. 1st--love the shadows..what a variety!
    2nd--my hubby is the same way (must be the military...LOL)
    Have fun!

  8. haha, addict ka sis, lol.. anyways, ganyan din ako haha.. buti nga me mga kids ako gusto lagi din bitbit camera. wala na ko pics for entries hehe.

  9. Yes, I think we are all becoming "addicted" to blogging--but it is fun isn't it!!! Nice to have our camera handy all the time. Have a great week. Mickie

  10. Hello addict ;-) Lovely blue skies. Happy Monday.

  11. Thanks for sharing your blue skies.

    Happy Blue Monday, Rose.

  12. Hehehehe na hala posing ka na john kasi may gamit shadow mo hehe

    My Blue Monday|I Spy

  13. hahaha photo meme addict talaga. came here for blue sis

  14. Photography is so addicting and it's a nice hobby. Mine is up - My Blue Monday


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