Monday, March 28, 2011

Tory Burch Sandals

He'ya everyone, are you ready for some equestrian talking?  Well, let's start with the old gringo selection of boots at Infinity Shoes.  Those kind of shoes are great if you love to ride on a horse,  go on nature trekking, or even  going for a date with a cowboy.  Those are the scenes I have in my mind whenever I see those kinds of shoes.  

Tory Burch Sav Sandal Silver LeatherOn the other note, I found some  very cute and chick tory burch shoes and sandals at Jildor webpage.  These two are the ones  that I like among their selection.  Those would look good on skinny feet which I don't have unfortunately.  I have  a set of wide feet so basically  slip ons doesn't look good on my feet.  But I honestly love the style and designs.

Tory Burch Sparkle Jelly Thora Sandal Island PinkShoe Inn is sponsoring a $200 worth of gift card every month  for those lucky winners who would join their VIP Club.  Being a VIP club will give you  a lot of benefits like an exclusive  email   of their sale, a birthday discount, and an email of their special event.  So if you are feeling lucky and you love shoes so much, this is your chance to grab this  rare opportunity.


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