Friday, August 21, 2009

When it's Raining...

TGIF! Friday to me is an exciting day. Why? Because, it is the last workday of the week for hubby and its Mommy Moments! This week's theme is "Rain, Rain, Go Away". Since we do not take pictures outside on rainy days, I will just post some activities that we do on rainy days.My husband and our kids are always playing outside when the weather permits, but when it's raining.. we either play dress-up, play in the box, or bake something. The first set of photos were taken last year when we had a pretty hard rain in here. We always have a stock of cake box mix in our pantry so hubby and daughter baked it.
I am not very fond of baking... but hubby and Rylie are..proud of her creation....
she usually puts the icing.
It's not the most fancy cake you would ever see but for me its the most perfect, because it was made with love!
Since they are bored to death and can not go outside because of the rain, they got a little bit creative of what to play. They love playing inside this empty balikbayan box.
They make it their bedroom, living room, or play area.
and dining room or kitchen...
See they even have an improvised door lol..
Welcome to our HOME!
Thanks for dropping by everyone! Your comments are greatly appreciated. Have a great weekend!


  1. The pictures are very cute, my husband is the cake baker in our house. My son when small liked to play in a box. You have a very nice family and I always like to come by.

  2. You husband and kids are super sweet. Thank you for sharing.

  3. you have a future baker right there. :)

  4. I'm sending my salute to your hubby, John! He's one loving and caring daddy and a real family man! The two kids will surely grow up to be like their parents, caring and loving! Keep it up, Rose!

  5. Awww!!What a lil cutie!!\(^0^)/I love seeing them playing!!Ang mga bata talaga kahit ano,kahit saan pwedeng maglaro kaya hinde sila bored even on a rainy days!!Dito naman talo pa ang binagyo lalo na at bakasyon pa ang mga bata lol!!

    Pasencya na,tinapos ko muna ang mga gawain sa bahay saka ako humarap sa pc--alam mo naman,popping out ang lola mo sa weekend.

    Have a great weekend to you and your family,Ate Rose!!^_^

  6. i love the photos, they are so sweet! and your children are very ingenious too to discover that an empty box has lots of great surprises in store for them!

  7. hey. haven't been here in a while. i missed your two adorable angels! they're positively oozing with cuteness!! ang cute nila sa loob ng bahay-bahayan. hihi. what's that EJ's eating? pasta? yum!

  8. great activity to engage in while it rains. the cake looks yummy. ang ginagawa ko sis pag umulan ibang klase hahaha ... check it out. hurray to a hubster who can bake a cake! amazing.

  9. Cool! Yes, when it's raining the kids entertain themselves inside the house. =) Happy MM!

  10. cute naman father daughter bonding is baking... can't wait for andrea to be old enough to do those

    happy MM

  11. Ang swerti mo naman bakla yur hubby knows how to bake, may magtuturo sa rylie mo how to bake kasi busy si mommy sa blogging wwaaaa joking. Thats one big of a box, tingnan mo naman how smart your kids are, they know how to make used of the box. matalino talaga lahi mo bakla. Sugget nga SIL ko na make a door or a little castle out of boxes para laruan ni jake, toink! naisip ko jake would play with the box but not with fancy doors or something, ibang klase tong bauckaroo, mas interesado sa dumi at box na walang chichiburitchi.

    Ang ganda ng pagkadrawing ng mga anak mo bakla kasi babae ang panganay so, your EJ nahahawa sa mga larong girlalo ni rylie. Love the picture perfect hehehehe hala nyt nyt baklita muah!

    Ps. natawa ako kagabi sa comments mo john wondering why we call each other bakla, sabihin mo mga Xmen tayo hehehehehehe

  12. wow. so nice. baking together. great photos. love the box as a playarea, my kids do it too.

  13. great activities... must be creative so the kids wont get bored... ill grab your ideas! :D thanks for sharing them..

  14. korek si tsang shy...swerte mo sis kasi john can cook and bake....hehehehe...:)

    ang saya saya ng pics...thanks for sharing manang ko....:)

  15. I smiled from ear to ear.
    That cute looks yummy and that house box is really creative. Smart kiddos!!
    Have a nice week-end too :)

  16. True, things may not be important or even beautiful in the sight of other people, but to us mommy and wife, the works of our love ones are the best.

    Happy MM.

  17. very sweet ganda ng pictures. yes, empty box is always a great fun for kids.

  18. hay naku, papiliin mo ang bata between toys at empty box, piliin nila ang box, more fun. these pics bring back happy memories for when my kids were little, now they prefer hanging out with friends but am sure time will come when they come back to mom and dad. :(

  19. Wow! Nice rainy day bonding moments!Thanks for dropping by my site.

  20. Hahaha!nakakatuwa naman ang mga kids mo.

  21. Very productive on a rainy day! Usually it's a good time to sleep but your "babies" are obviously not the type... :)

    I like how your kids improvised their playhouse! Power pretend play! Brilliant. :)


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