Saturday, August 15, 2009

Family Shopping

An old enlisted man told us before "Enjoy the company of your kids now that they want you because later on, you will end like my wife and I, back to being just us after our kids settle down have their own family lives. I am happy to see you guys always do things together because it reminds me of what we always did before." The four of us always go and do things together.. even on shopping. We really don't want leaving our kids to a day care or someone.

The photos were taken last Saturday when we did our grocery shopping at the commissary.
We will be leaving this base in three months so as much as we could, we want to have memories for it. So we are taking pictures wherever and whatever we do.

Here's my ornery burrito, very busy digging up the batteries lol..

Have a great day friends!


  1. Kakatuwa naman kaung magpamilya. hehe. Indeed it's true talaga na cherish the moments with your kids habang bata pa sila.

  2. Hahahaha why batteries?? I remember you had a new vacuum cleaner do you think he needs one for his new toy? Hehehe!

  3. My gosh si joops mo battery talaga ang kinuha parang jake ko hehehe. Hindi na pala nag cacar seat yang mga chubskulit mo bakla, ganda naman ng buhay hehehehe. Sana tulad sa pinas ditoo ano walng car seat ang bata para mag enjoy naman sa road trip hehehe. Ganda talaga ng pamilya nyo, a family that prays together stays together ang dating. Yeah, you areright bakla, enjoy your kids while they are still kids, coz they grow so fast. smooches to your two chikiting patrol.

  4. Parang sa Pinas di lahat gumagamit ng car seat :-); anyway, kailangan ng maraming battery ni EJ sa toys niya :-); sige Ej kuha ng kuha!

  5. He he he ... cute naman ng burrito mo!
    treat daw natin ng maganda ang mga anak, kasi someday, sila ang pipili ng nursing home para sa atin! ha ha
    (syanga pala, follower mo na ako)

  6. Yes, balik US na ulit kayo girl, excited na si lolo nila ano? I can only imagine the joy on his face.

    Si EJ hakot talaga sa battery para sa toys nya hahaha.

  7. >Korek ka dyan Abie, thanks!

    >Hi Ate Kim, gustong gusto nya kasing tintanggal mga batteries ng remote controls sa bahay so when helost one of them he freaked out but i told him that we are just going to buy new ones in the store, kaya hayan hinahakot na batteries.

    >Hi Tsang bakla, nagcacarseat yan, nilinis lang kasi ni John yung car and they wanted to sit in the newly cleaned seat para itrash ulit lol..

    >Thanks for the visit ate cecille.

    >Hi nance, salamat sa pagdalwa and for following...

    >OO nga Ams, cant wait na din kasi dami ko namimiss na opps dahil andito ako sa korea lol..

  8. You really love pictures!
    btw,I grabbed your buttons. See it on my Badge of Honors page.

    Happy Weekend!

  9. It's nice to see your entire family doing the grocery shopping together.

  10. It's nice to see your entire family doing the grocery shopping together.

  11. how nice....kami din sis...we don't leave akesha...when hubby is working...akesha and I sometimes go to the store....kahit natatakot akong mag drive...I still manage to bring her to the park....

    buti pa tong dalawa no need a booster seats....hehehhe!

    woi sis, alis na kau sa november? don't forget to send me your add dito sa US ha...mwah! night night!

  12. it is the same here Rose. we always go shopping together. that is our most awaited part of the week. the kids love it being in the mall. we always do it every weekend.

  13. how cute naman EJ, priority niya talaga battery..

    nice! bonding moment for family.

  14. so true.dapat spend time talaga sa mga kids.

  15. Aba, eh saan na kau pupunta after that? Anyways, it's really great spending time with your kids while they are young. Eventually, they will have their own lives to live.

    Have a great weekend to you all.

  16. You have the cutest family!

  17. That enlisted man was right, we have our children for just a little while to enjoy and be around. Soon they grow and start having friends and don't need us as much and yes we do miss that. I don't think you have anything to worry about, you seem to have a close relationship with your kids, and they look so happy. Memories is one thing that kids love to have and look back on. Hope you are having a nice weekend.

  18. you guys surely did had so much fun doing the is one way to bond with family..

  19. sosyal ni Rye mag shopping naka heels hehehe liwat talaga ni mommy ha

  20. I'm so happy for you. my family used to be that happy but unfortunately, in-laws got in the way.

    siguro, i'll wait na lang for the inlaws to die, to claim my family back. hahah.. joke lang. :)

    be happy. I'll drop by once and a while. :)

  21. Agree w/ you Mommy Rose,sooner or later magkakapamilya na rin sila kaya habang may pagkakataon na makasama natin ang kids natin kailnagang samantalahin.

  22. Malapit na pala kayong umalis dyan sa Korea--busy na naman sa eempake!!
    Ganyan talaga ang buhay,enjoy life with the kids when still they're young.Kung pwede nga lang na di na sila lumaki eh lol!^_^


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