Monday, August 31, 2009

I am Ready!

I was teaching my daughter basic math in our front yard last Thursday and we had so much fun. My son is not very interested in learning things yet so he was just running around playing. I asked Rylie if she is ready to go to school and she was so confident when she told me " I am ready."
It's funny when we are doing math because she is using all her fingers and toes as a calculator lol. I would love for you to see the video I recorded but for some reason it would not upload here and I am very disappointed. It is very hard for me to upload a video that is why I seldom post an article with video.

Since the video of our math lecture wouldn't ulpoad, I will just share this music video of Marian Rivera that my daughter love to dance. She also starting to memorize the lyrics. Again, I have recorded a video while she was dancing but it would not..... grrrrrrrrrrrrr...


  1. Hey guys, does anyone of you have any suggestion on how I could upload a video easily? Please, please, it is frustrating me wahhhh..

  2. Rose, you need to go to utube and open an account then there you can upload your video and after that, you would be able to attached it on your post by pasting embeded at your post, same thing when SS required us to add picture or video on the opps.

    hope this helps. happy weekend!

  3. i am sure when it is time for RY to go to school, she would be very ready just like when she said: i am ready!

  4. oo blogspot minsan hindi tumatanggap ng video na iba ang format, ako sa youtube ko dinadownload tapos I embed the code here it's much easier and faster sa youtube, tapos mas maganda ang quality..

    hey I think your daughter is lookign forward for school na

  5. Wow it sound ng enjoy kau ng anaks mo :P, how I wish I can do that soon for my daughter or son soon hehehe..anyway d ko alam singer na pala si Marian ngayon, tlgang sumikat na sya :P::

  6. youtube is very dangerous... I wouldn't put any video of us there just for the security reasons...

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  8. hahaha! i LOLd at Rylie counting with her toes! my youngest sister was like that, too, when we were teaching her how to add.

    naeexcite na rin tuloy ako turuan si svet magbilang. kaya lng super aga pa. hihi.

  9. Hi sis, thanks for the heartwarming comment. *hugs*

    Wow, you got adorable kids.

    Have a nice day.

  10. that's cute and funny too. and you have a pretty daughter there, huh? mana kay mommy? (",)

    musta na sis? now lang naka visit kasi busy bisihan ang life. hee hee.

    ingatz. mwahugs!

  11. Am pretty sure mas excited ka sa nalalapit na apgpasok n anak mo. INgat lagi

  12. cute talaga mga kids mo, kahit sang angle, so huggable, so adorable.. sayang, sana ok yung video niya with dance like marian rivera. anyways, ang galing naman, ready na siya for school. alam ko, mas excited mg mommys pag ganyan..

  13. yes, make an account sa Youtube, its easy to upload videos dun and you can also embed , just like what you just posted....I had one too....seldom ko nga lang nagagamit hehehe...

    goodluck and hoping to see the videos soon

    by the way, good motivation...when a child is curious and eager to learn, thats the moment na dapat feed mo the exact knowledge kasi it will just leave a footprint in their brain.... Good job Rose...what you did is really Excellent.

  14. Your children are uber cute! Have a good Sunday!

  15. yes I am ready :) yan ang bata intressado lalo na pag may nanay na may tiyaga rin.

  16. Try mo i upload sa youtube bakla mas madali lang doon kaysa blogger. Anyway, napaka smart ng mga ank nyo, mas advance talaga ang girl, gustong matutu kaagad, tapos mas mauna makapag salita kompara sa boys. pareho ang EJ mo at jake ko walang interest matutu, gusto laro muna, they like to learn and do things on their own, at sa tamang oras talaga.

  17. What a beautiful family you have here!! Thanks for stopping by Duck and Wheel--it's always fun to meet a new blog friend!

  18. I sometimes have trouble uploading video sis....try mo yung sinabi ni AteCes...that's what I do sometimes...pero pag short vid lang..gamit ko yung sa blogger....:)

    galing naman ni learner....I understand why EJ is not ready yet sis....let him do his!

    I would love to see the video...please....heheehe!

  19. i am back...salamat sa recipe ha...try ko yun....sabi ni John , sarap daw eh... heheehe

    blog hopping hanggang maging sleepy na...thanks for visiting and for the comment

  20. Hi mommy, the kids are so cute.. :)

    mum thank you for dropping at my page. Following your blog too.. mwuah!

  21. i want to watch her videos pa naman.. ate upload mo sa youtube or then embed mo na lang.. mabagal kasi ang blogger sa pag-upload at malabo pa..

    nwei, mukhang kahawig yata ni rylie si marian..

  22. Hi there, I came across from hopping and hopping until I landed here.

    I can relate your topic because my daughter is just like her. My daughter loves math too as young as your daughter. I am teaching her the horizontal and vertical addition and subtraction as well and we are doing 5 digits na pero wala munang kiri. he-he. I would love if you can read her latest update here.

    Btw, I enjoyed reading some of your posts and you have a wonderful family. Your husband is looking good.


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