Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bonding with the nature...Again!

We head out to the our favorite hide out lake last Sunday. My daughter brought some slices of bread to feed to the fish. I think the fishes there loved us already lol. They were jumping for joy while Rylie was throwing the small pieces of bread to them. It is so much fun watching them eat. John and EJ went for a walk already and me and Rylie were still enjoying the fishes' company and of course we took some pics lol.
Here we go fish, ready, get set, catch!
no more bread, so its time to click!
Mommy's share lol.
And EJ.. with Mommy's sunglasses.
After the fish adventure is the walkathon for our exercise.

Korean's never wast a piece of land without a plant. Here are some pepper..
water theraphy and FUN! Leaping like a frog, ribbit, ribbit, ribbit.
My son wanted to submerge into the water lol.
Resting a little bit, our armpits are sweaty from all that walking hahaha.
Before going to our favorite resto, my daughter used this cute but very clean restroom at the park. This is one of the many things that I like in Korea. They do take care of their people. It is a shame but whenever we go to the Phils, even in big malls, there are no tissues available and sometimes the restrooms are filthy.Call me weird but I love the formation of this tree. This tells us something, never give up!
Nothing special, i just love the pattern of the water going down hehehe.
Have a fruitful day everyone!


  1. Talagang family fun time weekend ninyo bakla. What a nice sight to see. The place is so relaxing, the water, mga isda,. Allowed ba pumitas ng pepper diyan? sana kumuha ka ng marami ibinta natin hehehehe

  2. correct ka. agree ako sa interpretation mo sa tree na natumba

  3. wow...nice pictures Rose...ganda lahat pati yung mga models maganda hahaha...

    bout sa google, dko maintindihan nga eh, 0 nga feedburner ko kahit may nag subscribe naman...

    i let google fix it for now....i sent them a letter...

  4. the pics are really nice buds...

  5. As usual you give us a running commentary of your trip to your favorite hide away through your meaningful photos. As they say, a picture paints a thousand words. Your photos give me a certain high and they always make my day. Thanks for the feel good post. God bless you always.

  6. linaw nman jan ganda ganda ng mga view pati mga nasa mga pic cutie sama nyo kami jan ni nicole

  7. ganda ganda talaga ng korea sis ano...full of natural resources.....wish ko pumunta jan...hheehhe!

    thanks for sharing the piece of korea....:)

  8. Ganyan din ang rest room dito sa Japan,Ate Rose--malinis!
    I love seeing greens to enjoy here at your site!!Suki na yata kayo ng mga koi fishes dyan eh!!\(^0^)/Thanks for sharing!!

    I love the video at your slide--he's a famous violinist here in Japan and I enjoyed your slide photos!!^_^

  9. I travelled Korea for 3x during our business trip,either I love the places in Korea,specially the food "Bibimba"(drooled).And I love all the photos including the sweat armpit hihi!But I love the weird tree the most,I like how you intrepret about the tree & you really had that wild imagination.I like it too!:)

  10. woww.. what a fun filled day for you guys! my kids enjoy feeding fish and ducks too.

    i love the formation of the tree too

  11. Nature lover din ako kaya enjoy ako sa mga nature pics mo, especially your family pics. Masaya kasi ako pag nakakakita ako ng happy family.

  12. its great that you get to go to these places... i wish my hubby has the time and liked to go too...

  13. nice happy family bonding.Ganda ng view Rose. Bagong hair cut si EJ hehe bagay sa kanya

  14. I love your lay -out sa Clan's Marvelling mo!!^_^
    HAve a nice day,Ate Rose !!

  15. nice views mare! sarap laging outdoor fun ha!! thanks for posting the lovely pics!

  16. nice family photo saga... How I wish makapunta din ako sa korea =) ANg cute ng mga kids mo =)

  17. Wow ang Ganda mommy! Thank you for sharing.

    I have an award for you, just grab if you have time.


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