Saturday, July 25, 2009


When we came back from the Philippines, gifts are waiting for us. We received two boxes of chocolates from Germany, thanks Mads Fe. A religious book from a very good friend Ate Chay from the Philippines, and our Princess got a Princess movie from an online source. Thank you Lord for all these gifts!

To those who know my very good friend Fe, please help us pray for her safety in delivering her twins. Her husband Mike informed me through friendster that she has been hospitalized for over two weeks now for observation. Be strong and have faith Madas, we are praying for you, may you have a safe delivery!


  1. Hi Sis! Sorry, late na nakareply. How are you? Hope you're doing great. Busy kase ako sa pagaayos ng papers ko, Asia rin lang ang location ko, two years ako magiging OFW hahaha! August 10 ang tentative na alis ko. Regards sa dalawng cute mong baby at sa hubby mo.

  2. extra blessed you are. with many friends... definitely youll easily get lots of gifts.

  3. Hi Rose!
    Visiting your other blog.:) I think Fe is lucky to have twins..:) I pray for her safe birthing.:)
    Added your link.:)

  4. Hello there Mommy Rose..hope your friend will have a safe delivery..lalo na twins pala pinagbubuntis niya..

  5. of course, i will include your frined in my prayer

  6. Nice loot Mommy! I also have something special for you here

  7. nice gifts. so sweet of them!

    I will surely include her in my prayers.God bless always to her and her family

  8. ka sweet naman ng mga friendships....hehehe....woi, wawa naman si Mami Fe...hope she is ok....when pala yung due date nya sis?

  9. hello Rose,
    swerte mo daming blessings as always. Oo nga no malapit nang manganak si Fe.

  10. I will include you friend Fe for my daily prayer...hope she will be safe same as her twins.. God will guide them..

  11. Basta mababait maraming nagmamahal na kapamilya hehehe charo santos ang dating ahhh lol. kaya pala hindi ko na masyado nakikita si maus, i hope okay lng pagbubuntis ant panganganak niya, kambal pa naman. Malapit na rin due date niya. Ill pray for her tsang bakla.

    May sobra pa bang chocolate diyan from germany hehehe kahit wrapper lang lol just kidding.

  12. Akala ko nga nanganak na si Madam Fe eh kasi it's been a week na wala akong balita sa kanya.Will be praying for her safe delivery.^_^

    Ang sweet naman ng mga friends mo dito sa ere!!^_^

  13. hello chubs.. dropping by here :) Please join me for a Yummy Sunday post. Thanks!!!

  14. Fe's so sweet,you're sop lucky to have her.Sama ko sya sa daily prayers ko.Hugs!

  15. i will pray for her, Rose.

    dami gifts ah :-)

  16. hi mads
    soriiiii now ko lng ini in,,,,,
    thanksssssssssss so much for caring and for all the friendship here leaving their thoughtful comments tnx and god bless u ol---

    sa wakas naka abot man gilayun si choco...hihihihihi.. di p man raot?


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