Thursday, July 9, 2009

A note of thanks from an angel!

I gave all the donations I received to my sister-in-law before we left and she is very thankful because they did not have any money before my brother passed away. My niece Bhim wrote this letter of thanks to all of you who shared blessings and prayers to the family. Your continued support will help my sister in law and her kids face the new challenges without my late brother.
Bhim (in green) and Yami (in brown) with Rylie..

Especial thanks to Ate Cecil of Quezon City, Philippines, Ate Lelet of Chinhae Korea, and all the compassionate people in the blogland.

Thanks also to all of you who conveyed strong support through prayers and encouraging words to our family. May God bless you all for your kindness!


  1. its good to hear and again so sorry for what happen to your brother
    but life must go on remember
    always think that he's with God
    and there's a purpose for everything

  2. you are welcome. it's good to know that there are still many helpful beings. wherever your brother is, I am sure he's happy to see that. I know our dear Lord will guide your brother's family.

  3. im sorry for what happen to your brother rose, and it is indeed very sweet of our fellow blogger who offered help to your sister in law, in some way God really makes a way of everything when it is impossible to get through it.

  4. Visiting here, Rose; hope your brother's family are doing fine despite their lost...

  5. woi so sweet naman ng niece mo sis....I am proud of you manang for being so thoughtful and very supportive to sure God will help them survive....salamat din...:)

  6. Even though your brother passed away, he left a very well reared children.. it shows on your nephews attitude..

    Make or Break

  7. Kaka touch naman ng letter ni Bhim, i felt your pain little girl. Sorry ha, konti lang yun, keep in touch lang kay Aunt Rose ha. Pakabait ka and study well. Napaiyak mo naman ako, salamat for taking time to write.

  8. nangngirabo ako bru habang pigabasa ko ang post mo lalo na so letter ng pamangkin mo. marayun padakula ng tugang mo maging makusog ka pa rin para sa mga pamangkin mo kaipuhan ninda iyan

  9. God bless your brother's family,Ate Rose...God will find a way for them to survive,God is good.

  10. naiyak ako sa letter nia :(

    i will pray for them..

  11. Be strong, my friend.. God bless you in all ways! ^_^

  12. You are blessed to have found great friends rose, sana maging okay kalagayan ng SIL mo, at saan mn naroon bro mo ngayon im sure he'll watch over his family here on earth.

  13. your nieces are beautiful, Rose :-)

  14. You are welcome sis. May your nieces and SIL recover and move on with life with great hope.God provides.

  15. Naku Rose pasensiya ka na. Hindi ko na kasi naaasikaso ang mga blogs ko dito sa kabila dahil duon ako naka tuon sa blogs ko sa Mel Avila Alarilla account. Nakalimutan ko na nasa Mel Alarilla account kayo. Sorry ulit sa very late kong pag acknowledge nang write up mo tungkol sa amin. I highly appreciate that. Thank you so much for this. God bless you all always.


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