Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our Princess turned 4 Today

Our daughter turned 4 today. We did not celebrate here because we have pre-celebrated her birthday in the Philippines. We hesitated to answer her when she asked us if she can celebrate her birthday there with her cousins because it was a day after my brother was buried. But we thought that it was also a perfect time to cheer up my brother's daughters so we threw a small party for her. Not so much food, just sphagetti, bihon, sandwich, bbq and a cake.

My husband could not believe how much kids showed up although we did not invite any (grins). I told him that it is different in our place. People will invite themselves if there are free food. But it was fun although crowded. The only bad part was we had brown out so with a lot of kids coming in the house, it was so hot.

I went to Legazpi the morning of July second to pick up the cake that our good friend Ate Chay had ordered. I bought some gifts too so that our Princes won't get bummed out. One good thing in the Philippines that I like is that we never waste food, when we have a party all the foods will be consumed/eaten.

Happy Birthday Anak, we love you so much... May God bless you with good health and long life!


  1. woi dami handa sa birthday ni Rye ah....dami nya bisita....:) opps...BO pala that time sis....oks lang basta busog ang mga bisita...hehehe...:)

  2. aw your princess is four already!! weeeeee! happy birthday to her!!

    naculture shock ba si hubby sa mga uninvited guests?? taung mga pinoy lang kaya ang ganun? hope he gets used to it na ganun ata tlga ibang mga pinoy eh.. hehehe kulit noh?

    hope u feel better already.. miss u mare!

  3. Happy Birthday Princess! May the days ahead be blessed and glory!

  4. Happy birthday to Rylie, and I hope Ej and the hubby get well soon.

  5. Happy birthday to your sweet princess! :D she is so lovely.. may she grow up with the fear of the Lord in her heart!

  6. Wish her many more happy returns of the day! Convey my best wishes to her.

  7. I wish for Rylie to have..
    ..more candles to blow...
    ..more cakes to slies &..
    ..more Birth Days to come!!
    Happy happy Birth Day to you Rylie!Hugs!

  8. happy birthday to your sweet little princess. mwah, baby.. she's so pretty!!

    hows are you and your little son, hope he's ok now.. get well soon..

  9. Your pictures are very cute, I love to see children have nice times at their birthday party, your Princess is really growing, hope she feels better. Thank you for coming by, have a great week, give her a hug for me.

  10. Happy Birthday Rye!

    Sis I heard na umuwi nga kayo because of the emergency.

    Anyways happy birthday to your cute princess! I hope she had a good time! Miss you sis! Take care always

  11. I'm glad that your daughter had a nice party. I'm sure that it was a nice break from all the pain. Kids somehow have a way of making you smile even when your heart is breaking.
    Much love.

  12. wow four na pala ang princess mo ang bilis ng panahon Rose at may 4 yrs old kana. Bongga ng party.
    oo basta sa pinas ganyan talaga kahit hindi imbitado sasali pero ok lang at least we made other children and people happy at nakakain din sila.

    Happy b-day to your beautiful princess.

  13. So sa pinas nag celeb si Rylie ng birthday niya?ang galing naman.Ang dami sigurong bisita at mga bata sa party niya. Ang dalagita mo rose ang laki na hehehehe at anggandapa may pinagmanahan talaga. Kakaiba talaga ang beutypag mixed ano hehehehe. Happy Birthday Rylie!

  14. Happy Birthday to your princess,Ate Rose!!!Marami bang nag-birthday crash sa party ni Rye?Ganun talaga sa atin noh?Ok lang basta't ang importante,napasaya mo ang mga anak ng bro mo.Best wishes for her on her birthday!!^_^
    Get well soon to Rye,EJ and to Mr.Joops--kawawa naman...

    I hope you feel better now,too,Ate Rose...

  15. oppps dami nman sarap ng spaghetti di man namigay oh he he happy bday rylie, uu nga pag sa pinas walang waste food mas gusto ko din wala natatapon atleast naishare mo yung blessing he he ganun talaga taung pinoy,

  16. Happy Birthday little princess c: mare I left my comment at John's blog nagkamali ako :p

  17. Happy birthday to Rylie. Sa Pilipinas pala kayo nag-celebrate ng birthday niRylie. :) Ang daming mga bata. :)

  18. Wow belated Happy Bday to your little princess. Good thing hinde ninyo na deadma ang bday niya inspite sa nangyari and it also lighten up the mood din sa bahay ninyo diba? Yan din ang gusto ko sa pinas walang natatapon hehe.
    By the way about my other kusina blog, it is open to all I was shocked na pang team member lang hehehe wala naman akong team member try mo ulit ha. Thanks for dropping by Mommy Rose have a good day to all! God bless!

  19. wow! ang cute cute ng mga bulilit..hehehe...nice post!

  20. Happy Birthday Rylie!:) May God Bless you and your family with innumerable days to celebrate.
    Welcome back,life goes on as this the way it has been made by God..to run smooth..even tho some part ways, but they definately get a better home in the care of God..much more close to him then we are!Stay Happy!Bless you :)

  21. wow! Happy birthday. More blessings to Rye sis.

    Sis, may award me sayo. Paki visit naman..http://www.efashionstuff.com/2009/07/spread-love-from-3chies.html

  22. happy birthday rylie!good thing youre back ate.

  23. woww.. happy 4rth b-day to your cute and sweet princess, Rose. nice pag doon sa Pinas kasi maraming ma invite mga bata at walang problema sa mga helper. glad she had a great time. wish her all the best and may all her dreams come true.

    salamat sa dalaw at sa comment. take care and God bless always

  24. Happy birthday to your little princess, she's so pretty. Oo naman di ba ganyan talaga sa tin, wala nang imbita imbita basta kun saan maraming pagkain dun ang party hehehe kahit minsan wala naman talagang party lol... but it's good at least feel nya na talagang birthday nya.

  25. That looked like such a fun time! Happy birthday to her!

  26. wow.. kahit hindi party it looks like a children's super party..

    Naku ganyan ang sarap sa atin eh, kahit sobra sobra ang fud walang natitira.. at pedeng pede mag take home ang bisita ng akhit pang one week nilang ulam, ang saya di ba, it makes you feel good about the foods you prepared..

    ay naku Mommy alam mo ba na kids at four is at their cutest and well behaved stage?

    Happy Birthdya to yuor princess! ako 3 prince but I am on the way on my fourth and finally it is a princess..ang sarap siguro ng may girl no.. I can't wait for our princess na nga eh hehe

    Make or Break

  27. hehehe...tama, wala talagang masayang sa pagkain, may bh pa nga...eh dito, halos half wasted lang...

    kakatuwa naman ni lil girl, at least ang request nya shows compassion pa rin , she wanted to share...

    good job mommy rose and daddy john...mabuhay kayo bilang magulang


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