Saturday, July 18, 2009

Eagerness to help with chores

My daughter shows her eagerness to help me with the household chores every time I do something. I was cleaning the dishes the yesterday and and she asked me if she can help me. I let her so it and she was very happy because usually i will tell her that she can't because she is going to get wet.
Then the other day, she woke me up and say that she is making breakfast, so I hurried up and look of she is doing. I got scared that she might get burned or something, but she made us a waffle. It is a frozen one and she prepared it through the oven toaster

She even fed her bother, thanks Anak, that was delicious!
She was crying with this picture because her dad gave her a bath while I was folding our cleaned laundry and she got mad that I was done when she got through taking a bath. So what I did was unfold some of the clothes and let her do it. Whew!

In a way, I am grateful that in her early age, she knows how to help. Does your kids do this too? Its better if you let your children help you because they feel proud when they accomplish something. For them it is a great deal! Have a great day everyone!


  1. I love your kids tsang, napaka responsable talaga at their young age, although your joops sometimes helping with cooking and stuff but your Rylie seems so responsible. She knows to take good photos, plant in thegarde and now doing dishes and other chores. Wow ang galing naman ni mommy sa pagpapalaki. Paturo ako sayo minsan atsang hehehe. Good Job mommy rose.

  2. What a lucky mom you are, sis! My heart is melting here. Ry is very mature. A little supervision and you have your little girl growing into a fine lady! I think she already is. I wish I could have a daughter like her.

  3. Yap,my two kids are my greatest helper,too!!And I admire kids helping their parents in their own simple way.Nakakatuwa di bah?^_^Great job,Rylie!!

  4. What a kid. It is grateful to have kid like this.

  5. Have a great day always...^_^
    Thank you for the 1st visit in My Own World,and leaving me a precious comment of yours...

    I'm so THANKFUL that I met you both.
    (You and your husband...
    He leave me a comment in my blog too...^_^
    As a Filipina I'm so PROUD,and HAPPY for you....
    And I'm so happy to that you encourage your husband to make a blog...^_^
    You can inspired people thru your stories...^_^

    It's my very pleasure to be your friend...The honor is with me...^_^

    I'm so HAPPY with you that you have Loving husband and Beautiful little Angels...^_^

    I talk to words fumbles..Hehehe..I'm just trying hard to recover from my memory loss...
    Yes I'm a blooger too...Hehe..
    Why you ask like that? hehehe...
    It's sounds funny to me...hehehe...^_^

    Take care always...^_^
    Have a great day...
    God Bless us All!!!

  6. ang bait naman ni ate...she is so adorable sis..a great helper and a very responsible kid....good job rye....umiyak tuloy...hehehehe...:)

  7. Yup, its good that kids learning all these stuff in early age.

    Yes, my son too feel happy while helping me out.

  8. you are such a lucky mom, you have a happy and responsible helper...good job ry :-)

  9. congrats sis for having a smart daughter...she knows kung ano gagawin..siguro lang mana sayo...

  10. That's nice of your kids to really want to help.

  11. WOW! You are one blessed mom to have Rylie!!! Nku bihira na sa kids ngayon ang ganyan, not even my kids are like that! Ang galing! How did you do that? How did you teach her to be so helpful?!?! Super bow ako ha?

  12. Very helpful kid. Hope she won't change in the future. Thanks for dropping by! God Bless!

  13. great.. i think we should use positive reinforcement! :D

    by the way, i have something for you at Awards Galore

  14. you must be very proud of your daughter, she knows sense of responsibility at an early age. nakakatuwa kasi, kahit wala sa PI, you set a very pinoy way, letting your kids know how to enjoy that way, and be responsible.

  15. wow galing c nicole natulong sa akin mag vacum kaso takot pa ako ha ha sana pag medyo nakakaintindi xa ganyan din xa kay rylie good job rylie wala nba natira he he

  16. ha ha pati damit iniyakan dahil tinapos mommy naman kc ha ha

  17. same with my son, Yogi sis. he always wanted to do the dish washing. minsan lang ayoko lalo na't nagmamadali ako. maybe it's about their curiosity with chores that's why they wanted to do it too. nakakatuwa di ba?

  18. what a great helper she is. that is so nice she knows already how to help you with some chores. you are so lucky rose to have wonderful and cute kids. God bless always

  19. Ohh that is really amazing. Depende talaga yan sa parents Rose. Pinalaki nyo sila ng maayos. Nakikita nila eh. Lalo pa expose sila sa Philippines, your anak learn the values na nakikita nila. Baka sa Pinas, tumutulong ka sa gawaing bahay, she saw that. Glad to see her helping you.CUTE! And you pay her with appreciation! Tama na yun sa kanya.

  20. dang...i hope my comment went through...taas pa naman yun...waaa..

  21. My daughter and son are the same way. If they see me cleaning they insist on helping. I think it is great. I try to make it fun so to them it does not seem like a chore. Thanks for checking out my blog and joining. Hope to hear from you again.

  22. katuwa naman rylie.. :) ambaet na bata mare!!

    si yena mahilig din tumulong magtupi ng mga nalabhang damit.. nauutusan na rin sa bahay ha.. minsan nga mautusan na rin mag blog hop for me LOL

    busy monday here mare.. sinilip lng kta.. ingat kayo lagi ha!

  23. That is sooo sweet! I'm still working on my kids on being good helpers, but we're getting there! :)
    Have a wonderful day!


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