Friday, May 29, 2009

The Bear Museum

We passed by this museum during our first night in Jeju island but we didn't get a chance to get inside. Isn't it an interesting structure?


  1. Very nice structure. Tingin ko e parang korteng lemon squeezer. lol! Eto nga pala yung website. Kaya lang tapos na yata yung promo nila. magbabayad ka ng full price and shipping. Pag nag member ka may makukuha kang mga discount sa products nila. Shipping lang babayaran mo. Pag nag log in ka sa site nila, click mo yung credit and discount at makikita mo kung ano yung binigay nila sayo as a new member. O kaya antayin mo na lang uli na mag promo ang pillowcase. Ini-email naman nila sayo kung ano yung products na pwede ka maka discount at free shipping e.

  2. Wow, Ganda ng place. Saan to ate Rose? Your daughter is adorable.

  3. Indeed it has a different structure nakaka-curious kung ano ang nasa loob.

  4. naubusan na ata ng wento si mommy rose, buti na lang may pix..hahahahaha

  5. your little princess look so charming there!

  6. ganda, cone-shaped. pero mas maganda yung baby mo.

  7. Yep, totoo ka, interesting structure ang Bear Museum. Pero mas interesting yung cute girl sa harap ng structure. Hi Rylie!

  8. wow manang...wohooo..congrats...bilis mo kayang nagka PR2...selos naman ako...huhuhuhu....joke...:)

    you deserve it sis...aga ata ni Mr. G mag update ah...ako wala na akong pag-asa nito...hehehe!

  9. unique structure!

    musta na sis? thank you for the visits ha. take care! (",)

  10. wow! kinano man daw ako maka adun jan? enjoy the moments bru. kagayun talaga

  11. You should frame that picture. It's perfect.

  12. Yes! And I love the cutie in front! :) P.S. There is an award for you on my blog!

  13. >Thanks for the link Anney, I'll definitely investigate the site lol..

    >Thanks Ate Cecille.

    >Hi Maria, that's in Jeju Island. Salamat.

    >Hello Ate Kim, I think its a display of different designs of stuffed bears with their stories.

    >A Picture paint a thousand words kuya totz hehehe..

    >Thanks Sheng!

    >OO nga parang pinataob na ice cream hehehe.. Thanks Rossel.

    >Salamt po Tita Beng.

    >Sinuswerte lang siguro dhemz, thanks at sana di bawiin ni Mr. G hehehe..

    >Hi Lynn, okay naman us... mabyuti pa rin hehehe..

    >Thanks for the suggestion SonyaAnn, I probably will..

    > Thanks for the tag Andrea!

    >Pwede ka man magvisit didi lou hehehe.. sagot ko an accomodation lol.. ika mabayad sa plane fare lol..

  14. Very interesting indeed - love to visit this maybe next time lol if I had the chance.

  15. sure looks like a very interesting place to visit. too bad you were not able to stop by.

  16. Reminds me of the Louvre in Paris, love that place.

  17. Is that your daughter?? Ang liit pa nya sa picture na yan!


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