Monday, May 18, 2009

Moments with Daddy

This will be my entry number three for Mommy Moments. This them was used in the past weeks but since I am new to MM, I will post them as well hehehe. I have posted 2 alread from other blogs, so if you have time to visit, check them out too...please??? Kulit eh lol.. Anyhow, these are the momentous events of my children with their Dad!

Rylie love making home made pizza with Dad.
Playing dressed up time... rrrrrrrrr
bedtime buddies
This one of Rylie's favorite activity when she was a baby, riding on Dad's back.
I love this one where they were feeding the pigeons.
Daddy's boy..
Here's Rylie helping Dad clean the car.
EJ love Kaba Kabayuhan too but they call it carabao ride hehehe..
During Rye's 2nd bday.
Korean adventures..

Thanks for dropping by everyone, have a blessed weekend.....


  1. ang macho naman ni daddy mommy rose, hahaha..pati ako nabighani..ok mag bonding ang pamilya mo ano?

  2. I like these Mommy Moments as much as the "Mommy" Mommy Moments. It's great you share like that.

  3. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. By he way, thanks for adding my blog to your blog list. I've also done the same for your blog.

  4. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. By the way, thanks for adding my blog to your blog roll. I've also added your blog to mine. See you around! P.S. You can call me Tetcha.

  5. Thanks for sharing these, Rose...very ice pictures of bonding time with Daddy :-)!

  6. wow, ang cute ng kids with daddy...
    Thanks for sharing, nakakatuwa sila...Sarap talaga maging Mommy

  7. hahahaah! natawa naman ako sa comment ni payatot. Si payatot talaga!!
    as usuall ang ganda nga ang bonding nyo lagi!

  8. thats sweet
    just dropping by here
    happy weekend to you and have a great day ahead

  9. Thanks for visiting our country Philippines! Have a nice day!

  10. wow! looking at the photos tells me that there's so much love in your family. something every family should focus. the love over the challenges in life.

  11. wow manang ha, I can tell how very hands-on dad si jowa mo....:)

    thanks for sharing sis...daddy moments talaga...:)

  12. I know the kids have a lot of Daddy Moments--one of your reader mo ba naman ako eh lol!!
    si mang payatot nai-in lab sa dyowa mo lol!\(^0^)/

  13. You children are lucky to have a wonderful father who's able to show to them how much he adores and love them.
    My father wasn't showy you know typical Filipino fathers but his actions and support for his children will always be remembered as his way of showing us.
    I thank you for giving a little of your time giving me comforting words in my site.
    We're still hanging on a very thin line but we already leave it to our Lord.
    Thanks and regards

  14. maray kapa darakula na so pinamangihan mo mads!

  15. I can how sweet John is as a dad. I can say you're fortunate to have him as the daddy of your kids and of course to be your man!

  16. This is such a great post, I always like to see dad get involved with the kids. Your pictures were so great.

  17. Such sweet moments you'll cherish forever! Nakakatuwa namn yung mga pictures nila. Thanks for sharing!

  18. i think ive missed this entry before!!! well, you got so many pics of your kids and their dad! you are blessed to have a loving dad to your kids...

    ill add this site to my blog roll too :D


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