Friday, May 29, 2009

Mommy Moments - Haircut

I am always the one cutting our princess' hair but in these pics, Rylie did the job. I think she saw me cut the side of my hair so she did it on the side of her hair too. She came running to me one day and said "Do I look good with my new haircut Mom?" with a pile of hair on her hand. So Mommies, if you try to cut your own hair, don't show it to your kiddoes lol.

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  1. aw... that's really surprising! thanks for sharing!

  2. wow!Your girl is so beautiful.

  3. Oh so cute!!!
    Thanks for the visit to my blog. Link exchange?

  4. RY's hair is pretty and shiny and as always, she is very cute!

  5. Oi si ganda nag pa hair-cut din. Sus hair cut weekend pala kayo dyan Mommy rose gandang tingnan mga picture.

  6. ahhhh I wonder who cut this pretty girls hair here, so, daddy did joops hair and mommy did the girl hair. what a team work. whats the name of your girl rose? ang ganda naman ng dalaga mo rose, mixed talaga.

  7. Ahhh rylie, ang galing siya lng nag cut ng hair nya. pwedi ka ng magtayo ng parlor rose hehehehe

  8. My daughter cut her own hair when she was 2. Cute pictures!

  9. hahhaha...she did it by remember ko yon manang....nakita ka kasi nya na you're trimming yours...hehehe!

    wala akong entry this week...kasi ayaw pagupitan ng papa nya yung curly nyang hair...I tried to cut her bangs...pero crooked...hehehe...kasi wavy...:)

  10. Stopping by from MM.

    It wasn't such a bad cut...and she's still looks adorable.

  11. I came back to see this wondeful blog and you're litle girl too, she is so amazing, very beautiful!


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