Friday, May 15, 2009

After staying/living at my father-in-law's house for over a year, my husband and I decided to buy our own abode. It was financially tough for us because we did not have house furniture and stuff. What we did was acquired them through loans and charge them on credit cards which was a big mistake because of high interest rates. In short, we accumulated so much debts here and there. It was so stressful for me because I am not use to having a lot of debts. When I was still working in the Philippines, I pretty much managed my finances, tried my best to make ends meet without incurring credit. I did not have luxurious things but I am at peace because I don't have debts.
But we did what we have to do to start building our own family so I don't regret it. We are trying to pay off our debts which we really try hard this year by cutting some cost that we really don't need. So far, we have paid off our furniture loan,and two credit cards. One of the credit cards that we have has a 10.99% interest so that was the one we paid off yesterday. We used my blogging income to pay it off ($3,600)...Yohooooooo! My husband want me to buy something that I could use as a remembrance but I'd rather pay the debt first than having material thing that I don't really need. So that's one credit card down, 3 more to pay which will take us months before we can pay it off...... haiiizzz.. Life is good but tough...

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the sponsors who are giving stay at home Moms to earn a little income while taking care of the household stuff. Thanks also to PPP, Social Spark, Sponsored Reviews, Payu2blog and other paid sites that continuously give me an opportunity to make a review. Thank you also to Malou, my bicolan friend who taught and introduced me into blogging... Thanks a lot Bru, without you, I would have never known this. mwah!

So guys, if you have extra time, take some time blogging.. It can help you pay off debts, believe me! You can check out my former posts on how to get paid in blogging and check out the websites where I am a member and earn some bucks.


  1. Good to hear that,Ate Rose!!hmm...parang tempting tuloy yang paid blogging(para kasing di kaya ng utak ko eh lol)

  2. How do you make money blogging? You must be very talented. Yep, it's me--I'm Bach! No need to answer, I'd rather have fun here!

    Ya know, I'm gonna stick with this blog rather than the other (won't name it) bacause I only know English. Frustrating to try and figure out oriental languages.

    I believe it is WONDERFUL to be paying down your debt, especially in these hard times of finance.

    And...buying a HOUSE? GREAT!!! You peeps are what the 'dream' is all about. Hope, Faith, and always give a little away! Trust, and do not be afraid.....OK?

    Enjoy life. LIVE life. LOVE life.

  3. This is great, Rose. I appreciate all your efforts and the way you took the responsibility.

  4. oi congrats mare!!! $3,600 oh my!! i can pay our credit cards too with that amount huh! :)

    am actually earning too, though maliit lng compared to you! :) but it helps a lot lalo na sa medication ng parents ko :) am actually savings some of my blog money to buy a digicam weeeee.

    galing ng blog noh?!

  5. Good to hear that you're settling the credit cards first than any other things. I do live with a principle of no debt. I came from a family that get people into debts. Earnings interest from their borrowings. I don't believe in "good debt" that's what some people say. No such thing.

  6. Wah! Good to know that u make money through blogging. Me too...hehehe

    Hope the house will provide you with better comfort and safer environment.

  7. it's really hard to make ends meet especially that this economic problem is global. $3,600 through blogging?! that was great. congratulations!

    i started making reviews 3 weeks ago and signed for 3 sites now. i visited your post about getting paid in blogging. thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi Rose, thank you for coming over to read Oasis Writing Link. Years ago, I was in the Navy, and I had a few friends from the woman, the wife of a sailor, was so clever with money. I see you are too.

    I read your post about your daughter and the rose garden. Sweet! Love to you. Happy belated Mother's Day <3

  9. Hi Rose, thank you for coming over to read Oasis Writing Link. Years ago, I was in the Navy, and I had a few friends from the woman, the wife of a sailor, was so clever with money. I see you are too.

    I read your post about your daughter and the rose garden. Sweet! Love to you. Happy belated Mother's Day <3

  10. maganda yung ginawa mo na inuna mo muna talaga bayaran yung utang kesa bumili ng material na bagay. Naiintriga tuloy ako sa get paid in blogging na yan a.

  11. Good to hear you paid off one of your credit cards, Rose :-). It is very comforting and peaceful to know you are debt free, kami rin eh, wala na ring credit card bills,; malaki tulong blogging; imagine I was able to buy my plane tickets when I went to P.I. last month and bought my laptop through blog money... isn't it blogging great!

  12. @HI Rizza, naku kayang kaya mo yan kaw pa!

    @Hahaha, I can give you some lingo tutorial Steve lol... I am glad you agree that paying the debts first is much more important than acquiring things that we really don't need... I'll be visiting soon!

    @Hi Jarlin, married couple should always healp each other you know..

    @Hi Niko, yup blogging definitely help especially to SAHM like me.. That's great that you are earning too, even you're working, you still have extra income diba..

    @Hi Ai Shiang, aysus magkakasundo tayo sa "NO Debt" principle. I just did it because I really wanted for us to have our own private house you know... privacy..

    @Congrats to us Willie hehee..

    @Hi Rossel, you are welcome.. I really want to share what I am enjoying..

    @Hi Cynthia, Oh really that's good to know that you been in the navy too.. Thanks for stopping by also and for the compliment!

  13. @If you want to try Anney, go go go for it.. It's worth your time!

    @That's great Ate Cecille, blogging really help financially diba..

  14. wohooo...galing ng blogging sis ano..kahit din kami it helps to pay off may extra cash din ako to buy some nick knacks...hehhee!

    good for you are doing great handling your finances...great job great job!

  15. I am happy you are paying off those credit cards, good luck on the other ones.

  16. Grabe talaga ang credit card if we don't know how to manage it. Congratulations on paying off one credit card that is so nice to know.

  17. Hi:)


    It is painful to be in debt. But you are very resourceful and enterprising. I am sure you will be able to pay all your debts very soon and feel happy about your achievements. A beautiful home to start with which you can call your own and be very proud.

    Have a lovely day:)

  18. Hi Dhemz, yup it is really a big help especially to us who just stay home... Their small amount but as it adds up, it make a difference!

  19. Hello Manang Kim, ay talaga, sukang suka na ako kakabayad ng interest every month hehehe..

  20. Hello Mr. Joseph, thanks a lot for dropping by and for your additional input!

  21. hello got an award for you
    hope you like it

    happy blogging

  22. I'm sure with all those blogging money you have earned, you're well settled. But on the second thought, knowing that John is in the navy, I'd rather not believe you that you were in debted for sometime. You better tell that to the marines, Rose! he he...

  23. Oh my .. the loans.. the loans..

    but your family don't seem to suffer from that!

    in time, your debts will be out. Blogging can help!

  24. Oh wow I am so very happy for you Rose Its good to know that i should be of help for sharing what I have Also thanks very much for the speacial mention of my name hehehe. keep it up girl! More to come :-)

  25. That's the way to financial success! Congratulations and more power to paid blogging!

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  27. aww, visiting your site makes me realize how much i miss blogging and blog hopping. gets me excited when i see the design and layout of your blog. i will try to make time, sis.


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