Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Home Improvement Undertaken

It's been around this time of the year last year when we put our bid on this home that we are currently living in now.  This is our second home, the first one that we had  was also in this area but it's a bit smaller than this current one.  The reason  why I  agreed to move is that this home is  still situated near our children school.  This is just an upgrade to what we had.
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Anyway, we did a lot of remodeling last year before we   moved in.  We  completely refinished the wooden floors  and replaced the vinyl  flooring in the kitchen.  We  painted the whole house with fresh paint and from there on, we did  more small projects that  my husband and I tackled.    The basement of this home is huge but there is no  proper shelving to store  things so my husband and I did that.

One of the many feature t= of this home that my husband love is  having a two car detached garage.  We have two vehicle so  we can both park it inside now that we have the space.  Our former house  had one  car garage only so  one of the cars is always parked outside.  But anyway, there is no storage  in the garage so  we built some shelving on it to put  everything that my husband uses in the lawn and for maintaining the  vehicles.
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I like it that even our bikes can be stored in an organized manner unlike before we  just piled them on in a small storage area by the  basement.  Now we can get our bicycles without the struggle.
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I am not sure if my husband  will upgrade the flooring soon because it has  a major crack  and it needs be fixed.  For now, we will leave it that way.
This year, the only home improvement we have done so far is having a new sets of windows. We replaced all the old ones because it wasn't energy efficient. Our gas bill have sky rocketed over the winter and we suspected that it has something to do with the windows not having a good seal anymore.  Hopefully it would  help lessen the  gas bill.
We haven't done any DIY project  this year because my husband  is  enrolled in  school for his masters.  We might be able to  do some more  projects at the end of the semester when he is done with his  school.  

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