Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bridges in Pittsburgh

Every time we go to Pittsburgh, I can't help not to take photos of the bridges.  I just find them beautiful to look at.  Kind of like a magnet almost  for my hand to grab the camera and shoot.  These are drive by shots through the windshield so they are not of best quality.

If I can just walk around Pittsburgh for a day, I would sure take pictures of  all the bridges out there.


  1. oh the famous pittsburg bridge, never been to that place but must be historical place.

  2. The bridges there looks really scenic.

  3. Whoah so beautiful, I feel like driving through that bridges too. Too bad as I don't travel on that area unless if hubby is the driver and we want to have fun somewhere

  4. Sis, you seem to have an affinity clicking on bridge structures. I remembered commenting on some bridge structure you posted too, I think when you had your mini-date with the hubby at some mall without the kids. :)

  5. Amazing bridges! And I like your camera, I never thought that you were in the car when taking the photos.


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