Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Driving Safely

Driving safely takes both proactive and reactive measure. An example of a proactive measure is increasing following distance (the amount of space between you and another vehicle) during inclement weather. An example of a reactive measure is slowing down or changing lanes to avoid continued interaction with an aggressive driver. Both methods of handling the drivers and conditions around you can lead to safer driving, which leads to a decrease in the likelihood of an accident, or even a moving violation, which can not only mean a fine and points on your license, but an increase in how much you pay for car insurance.
The winter season in particular can be especially treacherous for drivers. There are wet and slippery roads to contend with, and increasingly stressed out and subsequently careless and/or aggressive drivers to deal with. But if you take a few minutes to prepare for your trip, and if you take extra care while driving, then you'll be much more likely to arrive at your destination without incident. And if you do find that you drive very frequently during this or any other time of year, consider supplementary insurance or car care through various travel agencies, for example a Durham travel agency if you're in that particular area.
Did you know that insurance claims jump by up to 40 percent during the winter months? Many claims are due to accidents related to the weather. But by planning out alternate routes to avoid traffic congestion or especially curvy or hilly roads, or skipping going out altogether, you can reduce the chances of one of those filed claims being yours.

'Tis the season for shopping, and for stressing out about shopping. Aggressive drivers are never more prevalent than they are at this time of year. Avoid them and avoid interacting with them by keeping to the right lane, obeying posted speed limits, and resisting the urge to do petty things like flash your high-beams or cut off another driver. If you do find yourself dealing with unwanted interaction with another driver, turn off into a well-lit and busy shopping center, or continue driving safely and call the police.
You can never fully anticipate what the conditions of the road will be or who you'll be sharing the road with, but if you take extra precautions and take your time, you'll most likely arrive at your destination safely, and without any problems. 


  1. I just got my license about a month ago and I am still a bit scared of driving. I am getting better though. I still miss little things but I am getting there. Thankfully it doesn't snow where I live, phew!

  2. you can never be to safe when driving there is always something or someone to watch out for. sometimes i'm very grateful I don't drive

  3. that's what my husband tells me whenever i used the car for appointments, he told me that he is worried whenever we go alone without him, it's not that he doesn't trust me its other people who doesn't drive safely

  4. My daughter is in the permit stage right now. Driving safety is an important discussion in our home on a daily basis these days. I love that you have added reactive measures, most are aware of proactive, but not so much when it comes to proper ways to react to situations. Great post!!

  5. I don't like to drive, but have to. I hear you with crazy aggresive drivers. We just had a few incidents on our travel a few weeks ago. Some crazy nut drivers sure make me nervous on the road. Good thing my husband's a great driver. And sure it can affect your insurance when you get into some accidents.


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