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Fun in the Sun: All you need for Your Outdoor Area

It’s wonderful to have space out of doors to enjoy, entertain, eat meals and simply relax. An outdoor area allows you to extend the borders of your home and gives you a special place to enjoy the sunshine, fresh breezes and night skies. However much space you have outdoors, why not maximize its potential and create a whole new living area outside.

Imagine It

Take a look outside and try and imagine how you would like your outdoor area to look. Spend time thumbing through home and garden magazines and browse online at sites like Super Amart Australia for great ideas. Think about what you want in your outdoor area? Do you want a water feature, beautiful plants, a kid’s swing set? What is it that you can imagine having as your perfect outdoor area?

Assess the Area

Next, take a good look at your property. How much space do you have? Is there a way to create more space? You may be able to move a storage shed or garden. Space is precious, so make sure you maximise the space you have.

Check with Council

Before you commence any plans for an outdoor area it is important to check with your local authority. There will be rules relating to heights of rooves, distances from boundary lines and more. Do not start work until you understand what is legal.


Spend some time realistically assessing what you will use your outdoor area for. What are your needs? You may want an entertainment area for up to 20 guests for regular barbeques or you may just want a small dining space where you can enjoy breakfast in the sun. List everything you hope to be able to in your outdoor area and then prioritise your list. This will help you decide on the size and set up of your outdoor area.

The Plan

Your next step to creating your outdoor is to make a plan. Sketch out how you would like it to look. If you are involving a builder you can show them this plan. Try to make your sketch to scale to give yourself a good sense of how things will look. Draw in all the components – outdoor settings, pots, gardens and the barbeque.

Bringing the Outside In

Try to create a flow on effect from the inside of your home to your outdoor area. This will help to bring the outside into your home and create a more spacious feel. It may be worth the investment to add windows or sliding glass doors to make the inside and outside more like one large area.


Think about what furniture you need. You will probably want an outdoor setting with tables and chairs. You will need to consider this when planning the size of your outdoor area. There is lots of stunning outdoor furniture to choose from. Have a good look around before you decide on the look you want.


  1. I totally agree with your post. I love the outdoor sunshine. I can't resist to enjoy a day outside especially during summer season.

    xx, - a Lifestyle blog by Angela Bethea

  2. These are great tips! It's time for those outdoor setting once again and this will be handy!

  3. I wish we have a big patio. Though our backyard is of decent size so we just spend most of the day there when the weather permits.

  4. a patio is something i'd love to have, too! i can just imagine how we'd enjoy lazy afternoon taking snacks and reading books al fresco. apart from the comfy furniture, my imaginary patio will have a swing set, too!

  5. Spot on! these are great tips. I wish I have the luxury to have an outdoor area where I can just read and share laughter with friends.


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