Friday, October 18, 2013

Homer Laughlin Drive

Snapped these shots on our way to Homer and Laughlin China Co in Newell West Virginia.  We did not know exactly  where the venue of  plate painting for the kids so we just drove around when we reached the place and then we asked someone about it.
We saw this pile of  broken  plates  adjacent to  the factory.
You can tell how old  Homer and Laughlin  China Company is  by looking  at these  vines on the building's outside walls.
We are planning to go back there again next month to  claimed the plates that the kids had painted.  We also wants to see some Fall foliage along the way.  So that would be a short road trip for all of us.


  1. Guess they are attempting to allow those broken plates to slowing return to the earth--Those vines are really covering that house-it looks like an old English mansion! At least now you know exactly where to pick up the plates you kids decorated---The leaves are just beginning to really change here-I figure by next week.

  2. What beautiful pictures. Can not wait to see the plates. I really want to get up north to see the season's change, unfortunately it does not appear that it will happen this year.

  3. That is a very interesting place. I rarely see buildings with vines on it.

  4. It must be fun. Kids loves painting stuff. You are lucky, you have a big company that caters to this crafty activity.

  5. its like a good field trip, you guys have fun and value some lesson for your kids as well.

  6. Wow thats some plates! I hope you have a nice time when you head back out to pick up your kids plates :) x

  7. Love the view of the cliff. thanks for sharing your pictures.:)

  8. what a lovely drive thank you for taking me with you


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