Friday, October 18, 2013

All work and no play: how to give your employees a break with business travel

If you work for a large commercial company, chances are you’ll spend a great deal of time travelling to and from work, to business meetings in various countries and to numerous locations to meet potential clients.
This can become quite tiring, especially if you’re constantly on the move.

Extend their stay

If you’re the employer of numerous staff, with a major part of their job being to liaise with clients, it may be wise to consider a new way of approaching business travel. If an employee has a meeting on a Friday in Paris, why not encourage them to stay the weekend? You’ll want to protect them with something like Allianz Global Assistance business travel insurance but it’s a great way to allow them to combine business with pleasure.

Improve their travel experience

Another way to give your employees a well-earned break is to improve the way in which they travel to and from meetings and cities. Business class travel can sometimes cost just a little more than that of standard travel, especially if the tickets are booked in advance.

This not only allows for speedy boarding, it means no expenses are spared. Depending on the travel time, breakfast, lunch or dinner will be included with the ticket price to give your employees a better experience.

Keep the same schedule

Just because you’re working in another country for the week, this shouldn’t mean working hours are any different to those at home. If your average working day consists of rising at 8 and returning home at 6pm, then this routine should remain the same regardless of location.

If employees are staying in a hotel, this hotel should cater to all of their needs. The likes of an onsite gym, a local supermarket and a variety of eateries should all feature close by. When the working day is over, the remainder of the evening should be free for your employees to use as they please, regardless of whether this involves dining at a local restaurant or swimming a few lengths in the hotel pool.

Protect your assets

Regardless of the approach you choose to take when it comes to business travel, it’s important to remember that business travel insurance is imperative and will protect the welfare of your travelling employees, as well as your own back.

If a bag, laptop, passport or file is misplaced then it could be your responsibility as the manager to cover the costs of such mishaps. With good insurance cover however, you’ll end up paying a lot less. 
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  1. Ver informative. Yes, employees deserves good benefits because that's one way of motivating them to do great with their job.


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