Saturday, October 19, 2013

Splash Town, Texas

On our last day in San Antonio Texas, we wanted to have a relaxing day so our friend took us at Splash Town.  It's a big resort with a lot of water  entertainment.

That's my son at the bottom, he's busy investigating the water fountain.

A big froggie that spits out water.

A big bucket the collects water and then   when it's filled it gets dummped in the pool.  My son love this one.

I wanted to take photos so I did not swim that day.  I may have miss the fun but not the memories as I captured them.


  1. What an amazing looking water park I have to admit it looks like somewhere I would love to go :) X

  2. Woohoo nothing like water fun

  3. It looks like you had a wonderful time at a beautiful place.

  4. That place looks like soo much fun! It's been years since I went on any type of water rides.

  5. I've been here numerous times! Very fun ~ for the kids and adults!

  6. That's a great place to explore ad get wet.

    1. By the way, I think I can do the slide thingy. I'm totally scared of heights.

  7. this is great, a good way to visit during summer.

  8. What a fun Water Park this is. This reminds me of the one we went to in Florida, the Adventure Island and it was fun! There were lots of things to do, slides, wave pool, lazy river, entertainment like singing and dancing.. bands playing, shows and a whole lot more. It was right across the Busch Gardens too. ;) Awesome photos!

  9. My daughter would love to slide in this water-slide. It is long and a little bit stiff.


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