Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Exploring Alamo, Texas

Here are some random photos I took   when we explored  Alamo in Texas.
A drive-by shot to the Entrance to La Villita

I wish I  know  the history of each so I can tell you but with limited time and  limited  memory of my brain, I can hardly remember what the  tour guide was saying lol.  I hope you enjoy a little   taste of  Texas.  Have a great day and your comment always makes me smile so  jot it down before you leave.


  1. Hey Rose...long time no see. Guess you made it to my home state of Texas. That is awesome. Great pictures too! How's the kids? They are getting so bigggg. Hope you have a great day. Send me a note sometime. :)

  2. Yes, its difficult to remember everything. Just jotting down notes during important visits helps.

  3. Nice place , greeting from Belgium

  4. We are going to San Antonio on Wednesday. We'll probably visit The Alamo again.:)

  5. I've heard of the Alamo. I hope I can also visit it some day...


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