Thursday, August 1, 2013

UK Breaks to Rival any Trip Abroad

Touring the West Coast Scotland

Scotland is magical, its charm will captivate even the gloomiest of hearts, it has something for everyone and will leave you relaxed after taking that well deserved break; stunning landscapes over spectacular islands, beautiful and dramatic coastlines and lots more to savor.

Start over at the emerald green Isle of Bute; be amazed by its golden sandy beaches and the azure blue skies. Make sure to witness the majestic Rothesey Castle and the gothic splendor of Mount Stuart. You may satisfy your curiosity of exploring Scotland by crossing over by ferry to the picturesque village of Oban, discover the ancient home of the Duke of Argyll; the Invararay Castle. Stay in one of the rural holiday cottages outside Oban and experience the exceptional variety of wildlife found in these areas. This is also especially true in the Isle of Mull where you can get acquainted with whales, otters and basking sharks.

Take a stroll through the colorful village of Tobermory and relax on its peaceful harbor, as you watch the turquoise waters.

Explore the tranquil Ardnamurchan Peninsula, the most Westerly point in Britain with spectacular views of the Isles of Rum, Eigg and Muck and maybe travel to the Isle of Skye and continue to enjoy the stunning views and attractions, no overseas trip can beat this one!

Group Breaks With Friends and Family

Sometimes life activities can become a hindrance to keeping a face to face contact with the people that really matter in our lives, but there are ways to keep these relationships tight and loving.
Having a BLAST with Friends we recently visited.
The UK is endowed with fascinating classic England country sides, soaring, mountains and historical monuments: it has something for everyone. Try out a group cruise in the West coast of Scotland, you will enjoy spectacular views of high mountains, tranquil lochs and have plenty of time locating rare wild animals. Make sure your group savors the tasty seafood as you explore this fantastic shoreline. These areas are general packed with  fantastic accommodation for groups too where the whole family can relax in a luxurious property without breaking the bank.

If you spend a day with friends or family exploring the glorious coastal paths of Cornwall, the fun beats out any trip abroad; the undulating hills, rugged cliffs and secret sandy coves are some of the beautiful features you can never find anywhere else. Enjoy the delicacies of Cornwall in the foodie capital Padstow; forget about that special diet, you are on vacation!

Escape To a Lakeside Log Cabin

Most log cabins in the United Kingdom are located in the breathtaking countryside, but there are several beachside log cabins situated in sandy beaches, rugged coastline and seaside towns.

It is hard to mention a great lakeside experience without including the Lake District in the North of England. Explore the soaring sea cliffs, the long sandy beaches sparkling lakes and later retreat to a luxurious log cabin with hot tubs for complete pleasure.

You may consider visiting the wonderful Lake Como in Lombardy which has been a popular holiday spot for over a century. It is surrounded by magnificent mountains and has an interesting inverted Y shape.  There is a wide array of self catering log cabins and other interesting accommodations. Enjoy water sports or venture into the luscious mountains. Take time to enjoy the taste of the popular ice-cream to top up your holiday experience.


  1. I want to visit UK and try their log cabins because I always read it in the novels that I have bought. I hope someday this dream of mine will come true :)

  2. One of the place i would love to visit! i also have friends living there! It would be exciting just a thought of it!

  3. My husband's paternal side is from Scotland. We are planning to go there someday.:)

  4. I wish I coul d go to England one day even just a short visit.


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